5 best soaps on Netflix to watch right now

When you think of soap operas, you probably think of those super melodramatic, strangely lit daytime shows that were all the rage in the ’90s. But these days, most of the best soaps are on Netflix, and they’re some of the best guilty pleasures you shouldn’t feel guilty about.

It’s hard to feel bad about watching an entertaining series that brings you joy. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of those on Netflix, especially when there’s original series like Virgin River on the roster that will have you clicking “next episode” until it’s past your bedtime.

But what other Netflix shows will have you on the edge of your seat, emotionally attached to characters you have only just met, and screaming at the screen when those characters make decisions you disagree with?

Best soaps on Netflix

We’re highlight five of the best soaps on Netflix that should be added to your watch list when you’re in the mood for a little chaos and drama — but not in your own life, of course. Let’s start with The CW’s best primetime soap ever, Dynasty.


If you haven’t gotten into Dynasty, you’re truly missing out one of television’s greatest achievements in the last half-decade. Based on the classic 1980s primetime soap of the same name, The CW reboot modernizes the Carrington family’s exploits in business and wealth.

By making slight narrative and visual references to the original and creating something totally unique, Dynasty has been able to defy the odds and sustain itself in a television climate unkind to soaps for five seasons (and hopefully counting). As of February 2022, four seasons are available on Netflix, and season 5 returns on The CW in March.

Virgin River season 3 - Virgin River season 4 - soaps on Netflix


Virgin River

While completely different in tone from our previous pick, Netflix’s original romantic drama series Virgin River has soap to spare in its various twists and turns. Based on the series of novels by Robyn Carr, the series takes place in the titular small town where there are secrets, mysteries, and intriguing love affairs aplenty.

And just like any good soap, Virgin River isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Netflix renewed the hit series for two new seasons, ensuring that fans will be seeing Virgin River season 4 and 5 on their screens in the near future. They’re not coming a moment too soon because we NEED to know who shot Jack.

The Queen of Flow

If you’re looking to really commit to a show and these 10-episode seasons aren’t doing the trick, the Colombian telenovela The Queen of Flow is the answer to your TV prayers. Although there are only two seasons of the show, there’s 89 and 82 episodes in each season, spanning 45-60 minutes per episode.

The Queen of Flow follows a wrongly imprisoned songwriter who seeks revenge on those responsible for what happened to her and the tragic loss of her family. It’s a juicy crime drama full of music and must-watch moments, making it one of the top soaps on Netflix.

Dark Desire - soaps on Netflix

Dark Desire season 2 – Netflix


From executive producer Oprah Winfrey, Greenleaf premiered on OWN in June 2016 and ran for five glorious seasons of family drama. The primetime soap centers on the Greenleaf family, their megachurch, and all of the secrets they can pack into those pews.

On top of a great cast and critical acclaim, Greenleaf earned high ratings throughout its five-season run. Luckily, all five seasons and 60 episodes are currently available to watch on Netflix, so don’t miss out on this addictive, jaw-dropping soap.

Dark Desire

Although it’s the shortest binge-watch on our list of the best soaps on Netflix, Dark Desire packs the same punch. The second and final season premiered on Netflix on Feb. 2, 2022 and tied up the stories together after 33 episodes of the thrilling erotic drama series.

The Mexican series finds a married woman having a passionate night outside of her home, though tragedy and mystery soon follow closely behind as she begins to question those around her. Dark Desire is a steamy soap that will have you hooked until the last second.

What are your favorite soaps on Netflix? Share your picks in the comments!