Love is Blind season 2’s Salvador Perez age, Instagram, job, and more

Love Is Blind S2. Salvador Perez in Love Is Blind S2. Cr. Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind S2. Salvador Perez in Love Is Blind S2. Cr. Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022 /

Love is Blind season 2 is finally available to watch on Netflix, and the first batch of episodes are everything we expected it to be and so, so much more. These new hopeful romantics are putting it all on the line for their shot at love.

Salvador Perez is one of these love-seeking singles and, as we expected, fans absolutely adore him and his gentle nature. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable nor does he shy away from emotions, which makes him that more intriguing.

If you’re as interested in Salvador as we are, then you’re doing to want to know everything there is to know about him including his age, Instagram, and more. Check it out, below!

Salvador Perez age

Salvador Perez hails from El Paso, Texas and was born on March 29, 1991, making this new reality star 31 years old and a proud Aries.

Salvador Perez Instagram

As if we already didn’t love him a ton, based on Salvador’s Instagram, we can tell he’s very much so a family guy! He frequently hangs out with his loved ones and makes it a point to capture every single fond moment spent with them, including this one below.

He currently has about 1,000 followers on Instagram. However, that number has already begun rising and will continue to do so as more and more fans tune in to brand new second season. Don’t miss out on this growing fanbase, give this Love is Blind contestant a follow today!

Salvador Perez job

According to his Love is Blind bio, Salvador works as an Executive Assistant at a Tourism Sales company in Chicago, Illinois. He shares the same workplace as his fellow co-stars Mallory Zapata and Aja Johnson. Maybe he’ll bond over this with these two beautiful women? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Don’t forget to catch Salvador Perez in the newest season of Love is Blind streaming today only on Netflix!

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