Kitz cast: Who’s in the Netflix show?

Kitz - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Kitz - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

The Netflix original series Kitz is a hidden gem that you absolutely must add to your watch list as soon as possible.

From the juicy premise about an average girl invading the lives of the elite, wealthy class in order to get revenge on the person she believes killed her brother to its many plot twists that’ll leave you flabbergasted, Kitz, without a doubt, is a force to be reckoned with. But what truly sets this series apart from other original series is its stellar cast full of new faces that you will be delighted to meet.

Just who is in the cast of Kitz? We tell you everything, here.

Kitz cast list

Echos actress Sofie Eifertinger may have brought the show to life playing the lead role of Lisi Madlmeyer, but she couldn’t do it without the rest of her talented cast alongside her. The cast of Kitz is as follows:

  • Valerie Huber as Vanessa von Hohenfeldt
  • Bless Amada as Dominik Reid
  • Zoran Pingel as Kosh Ziervogel
  • Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner
  • Felix Mayr as Joseph Madlmeyer
  • Tatjana Alexander as Mitzi Madlmeyer
  • Souhaila Amade as Antonia
  • Simone Fuith as Helma Gassner
  • Alexander Gaida as Basto
  • Johannes Zeiler as Georg Madlmeyer
  • Steffen Wink as  Ferdinand von Hohenfeld
  • Andreas Pietschmann as Conny Breidenbacher
  • Wolf Bachofner as Arnold Gassner

Additionally, Black Panther star Florence Kasumba plays the role of Regine Forsell in the 2021 Netflix original series. See Kasumba and her fellow co-stars in the official trailer for Kitz below.

Now that you know who you can expect to see in this original series, all that’s left to do is tune in to see them give amazing performances.

Be sure to catch every single episode of Kitz streaming right now only on Netflix. You’re not going to want to miss it!

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