What is Kitz about on Netflix?

Kitz - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Kitz - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Although the Netflix original series Kitz was released in December of last year, the intriguing show has been making its round as of late, becoming an underrated gem that everyone is watching.

The show is perfect for you murder mystery lovers out there, but it is also just as perfect for those who love seeing young, wealthy individuals get into a whole lot of trouble. If this 2021 series sounds like something that’s up your alley, then you must read all about what Kitz is about.

Kitz synopsis

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and Lisi, our Kitz protagonist, quickly realizes why she isn’t cut out for dark secrets that lie behind the lives of the wealthy.

The synopsis for the series via Netflix Media Center, below.

"One year after the tragic death of her brother, the 19-year-old Kitzbühel native Lisi enters the decadent world of a Munich clique, which invades the luxury ski resort every season to party. But soon Lisi sets off an avalanche that reveals the truth behind the façade full of glamour, money and hedonism – with uncontrollable consequences."

The cast of this 2021 series includes some faces you may have seen before as well as some who you’ll be delighted to meet. Kitz‘s cast features:

  • Sofie Eifertinger as Lisi Madlmeyer
  • Zoran Pingel as  Kosh Ziervogel
  • Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner
  • Felix Mayr as  Joseph Madlmeyer
  • Florence Kasumba as Regine Forsell
  • Tatjana Alexander as Mitzi Madlmeyer
  • Souhaila Amade as Antonia
  • Bless Amada as Dominik Reid

Additionally, Chasing the Line star Valerie Huber stars as Vanessa von Hohenfeldt in the series.  See the Huber and her fellow castmates in the official trailer for Kitz, here.

This Netflix series currently has six episodes under its belt and could have a couple more on the way if it, hopefully, gets renewed for a second season. But while you wait for a much-needed season 2, catch every episode of Kitz streaming right now only on Netflix.

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