Christina Applegate promises fans Dead to Me season 3 is coming ‘soon’

DEAD TO ME - CHRISTINA APPLEGATE as JEN HARDING in episode 6 of DEAD TO ME. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/NETFLIX © 2020
DEAD TO ME - CHRISTINA APPLEGATE as JEN HARDING in episode 6 of DEAD TO ME. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Since Dead to Me season 2 premiered on Netflix in May 2020, fans of the Emmy-nominated dark comedy series have been dying to see the third and final season. But Dead to Me season 3 has endured a number of unfortunate delays.

Although fans hoped to see Dead to Me return with its final season in 2021, cameras didn’t start rolling until May 2021, and production was temporarily paused in August to prioritize Christina Applegate’s health. Filming resumed before the holidays, but it’s still not finished.

The cast and crew have been keeping mum on Dead to Me season 3, for plenty of obvious reasons. It’s a show with a spoiler-heavy plot, and it’s best not to share too much behind the scenes details. No one wants the grand finale spoiled.

Christina Applegate recently spoke with fans on Twitter and shared some great updates about the upcoming season. While she didn’t elaborate much with the information she gave to fans, she provide the best news we’ve gotten so far. Here’s what the Emmy winner had to say.

Christina Applegate shares Dead to Me season 3 update

Even though she isn’t super active on social media, Applegate offered some Shark Tank opinions and asked fans to partake in an impromptu Q&A. Naturally, her followers extended their well wishes for her and expressed their excitement for the Dead to Me final season.

When asked about the Dead to Me season 3 release date, Applegate didn’t (and probably couldn’t) tease anything specific, but she assured that it’s coming “soon.” Of course, just how soon remains to be seen until official word comes from Netflix and creator Liz Feldman.

Check out the tweet below.

For those in need of another heartwarming Dead to Me boost, another fan asked Applegate about her favorite part of filming the Netflix series. Her response? “Linda [Cardellini]. She is my heart.” It’s wonderful knowing their friendship extends off screen, too.

According to a past report, Dead to Me season 3 still had three weeks left of shooting in 2022. It’s currently unconfirmed when filming will wrap, but fans should expect the final season to release sometime in the spring or early summer 2022.

Stay tuned for more Dead to Me news and updates!

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