Is Dead to Me season 3 done filming?

Dead to Me fans have been anxiously awaiting the third and final season of the Netflix original comedy series, and there’s finally an update to share. Unfortunately, there’s some good and bad news about Dead to Me season 3.

Of course, the final season of Dead to Me had already been delayed due to the pandemic following the May 2020 release of Dead to Me season 2. The final season didn’t start filming until May 2021, the time of the year we would expect a new season to release.

During filming of season 3, Netflix temporarily paused production in August to allow Christina Applegate time off after she had been diagnosed with MS. Since then, there had understandably been few updates about the show, with the priority on Applegate’s health.

However, Deadline has reported that Dead to Me season 3 experienced “multiple positive Covid tests” during the last week of filming for 2021. What does this mean for the remainder of production, and is there still more filming on the final season?

Is Dead to Me season 3 still filming?

As far as 2021 is concerned, Dead to Me season 3 has wrapped for the year. Until Deadline reported on the positive Covid tests (which didn’t impact filming), Netflix hadn’t confirmed that filming had resumed and neither had creator Liz Feldman or any main cast members.

According to Deadline, there’s still three more weeks left of filming for Dead to Me, which will take place in early 2022 after the holidays. An exact date for when the cast and crew will finish filming the season wasn’t shared.

Whether production resumes in January or February, filming will have wrapped by spring, allotting for a few months of post-production. Netflix comedies like Never Have I Ever and Emily in Paris have a quick turnaround, so we should see Dead to Me season 3 release by May 2022 at the very earliest and August 2022 at the very latest.

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