Rebelde cast: Who’s in the cast of the new Netflix show?

Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Rebelde Season 1 - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Rebelde is a new Netflix original series that is capturing the attention of music-lovers everywhere.

Not only does the new release have extremely catchy songs, dope vocal riffs, and issues every aspiring student musician can relate to, but it also has tons of talented actors and actresses that you will be pleased to meet and get to know all about.

Ready to become a fan of a new celebrity? Then read on to learn the full cast of Netflix’s Rebelde!

Rebelde cast

From La Negociadora actress Azul Guaita Bracamontes, who plays Jana Cohen in the 2022 release, to Everything Will Be Fine actor Edwarda Gurrola, who plays Maestra Biologia, the cast of this series is as follows:

  • Giovanna Grigio as Emilia Alo
  • Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban Torres
  • Jeronimo Cantillo as Dixon
  • Lizeth Selene as Andi
  • Andrea Chaparro as M.J.
  • Estefania Villarreal as Celina Ferrer
  • Karla Cossio as Pilar Gandia
  • Karla Sofia Gascon as Lourdes
  • Leonardo de Lozanne as Marcelo Colucci

In addition to Lozanne, Love After Loving actor Franco Masini stars as Luka Colucci in the new original series and his fellow co-star, The Club‘s Alejandro Puente, plays the role of Sebastian Langarica alongside him.

You can see Puente, Masini, and the rest of this amazing cast in the official trailer for Rebelde down below.

If you’re already in love with this cast as much as we are, then you probably want to cross your fingers with us, praying to see all of these lovely faces once again in season 2. But while you wait for that season 2 renewal to hopefully be announced by the streaming platform, we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy this cast’s stellar performances in this stellar first season.

Be sure to tune in to all eight episodes of Rebelde streaming right now only on Netflix!

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