5 good Netflix movies to watch on Christmas weekend 2021

Klaus - Credit: Netflix
Klaus - Credit: Netflix /

Christmas weekend is here, and you’re likely looking for something to watch. Whether just for you or the whole family, these are the Netflix movies to watch this weekend.

There is something for all when it comes to Netflix movies. There are great Christmas movies for the kids, and then there are other options for the adults in the house. There are even some great movies to watch if you’re not in a Christmasy mood (and we don’t just count Die Hard as a great option).

Now you just need to work through the overwhelming feeling of all the movies available. As great as The Christmas Chronicles and Jingle Jangle are, you’ve likely watched these movies over and over again. Now you need something a little different.

5 must-watch Netflix movies over Christmas weekend


The first option on the list is perfect for the entire family. Klaus is an animated movie that focuses on the worst postman in his school group. He’s sent to the North Pole, where he meets a special man who has become a reclusive toymaker.

The two will learn a lot from each other. It’s time for them to become better people, and figure out how to bring joy to their worlds.

Holiday Rush

Romany Malco from A Million Little Things stars in this one of the Netflix movies from 2019. He plays Rashon, a widowed radio DJ with four spoiled children. When he’s fired from his job, he has to figure out how to make Christmas work.

It’s time for the whole family to learn that gifts aren’t the most important thing about Christmas. Rashon and his family have to move in with Rashon’s aunt just before Christmas.

Love Hard

Many of us have been catfished thanks to the world of online dating. Nina Dobrev’s Natalie is the latest victim when she decides to fly 3,000 miles to surprise a guy she’s met on a dating app in Love Hard. It turns out that the guy she saw pictures of wasn’t the one on the app. He is the best friend of the actual guy using the app.

Natalie remains in the town. As she starts to get to the know the real guy she got to know, sparks may start to fly. But what about the guy she thought she was dating?

Don’t Look Up

Need something a little more recent? Don’t Look Up is the newest of all Netflix movies, starring Leonard DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

The two play astronomers who find out that there’s a comet heading toward the planet. This comet is going to take out the entire human race. Now they need to head on a media tour to let everyone know, but will anyone believe them?

Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material

While not technically a movie, it is a special and we’re counting it for this week. Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material is the latest comedy special from the British comedian, and it drops on Christmas Day.

The special sees Carr look at some of his darkest material. He’s always found humor in the darkness in the world, and some of this stuff could see him canceled. He’s willing to risk it though. Hey, if a tax scandal isn’t going to take him down, will this?

Which Netflix movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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