Does Nina Dobrev actually sing in Love Hard?

Love Hard has finally dropped on Netflix, and people can’t stop talking about all the singing in this romantic comedy film. It’s a Christmas movie, so singing was expected. We just weren’t expecting the leading stars to join in on the fun. It was a wonderful surprise!

This new Netflix movie was the perfect movie to get everyone ready for the holiday season. Everyone knows romance and the wintertime go together. While watching Love Hard, you instantly start to feel a shift in the atmosphere. It starts to feel like it’s December, and it’s time to bring out the Christmas decor and lights. I mean, seriously.

And don’t get me started on the movie’s setting. Let’s talk about how visually appealing this movie is for a second. The film has such beautiful winter scenery. The mountains are covered with snow, the homes are brightly lit with Christmas lights, and the characters are dressed in Christmas apparel. And remember there’s singing!

While most songs sung in the film are Christmas carols, one song in particular sung by one of the leading stars didn’t represent Christmas in any shape or form. It was a very funny scene.

So, does Nina Dobrev take part in any of the musical numbers in the rom-com? We tell you whether or not The Vampire Diaries star actually sings in the Christmas movie down below.

Spoilers from Love Hard ahead!

Does Nina Dobrev actually sing in Love Hard?

YES! Nina sings twice in the film, and I was shocked, to say the least. The first song she sings is “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Her character, Natalie, sings this song at a bar in Lake Placid, New York, to impress Tag (Darren Barnet). Unfortunately, right before getting up to sing the song, she takes a random shot of alcohol, and the shot had kiwi in it.

It was mentioned several times in the movie that Natalie was allergic to kiwi. So, while dancing and singing around the bar, her face puffs up due to an allergic reaction to the shot. It was very embarrassing for Natalie, but I couldn’t stop laughing during this scene.

The second song Nina sings is a duet with her co-star Jimmy O. Yang, who plays Josh Lin. The song they sing together is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” with Josh changing the lyrics on his part. Every Christmas, the Lin family goes around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols. Since Natalie is pretending to be Josh’s girlfriend, she has to partake in this family tradition. Initially, Natalie doesn’t want to do it, but she starts to enjoy it as they continue singing.

I was surprised Nina sang in the film. I thought they would use somebody else’s voice to sing the songs since she isn’t a singer. But I’m happy we got to hear Nina sing. She can carry a tune! Now that I know Nina can sing, I hope to see her in a musical film or series in the future.

Love Hard is available to stream now only on Netflix.