Does Ciri die in The Witcher season 2? [Spoilers]

The Witcher season 2 - Credit: Jay Maidment
The Witcher season 2 - Credit: Jay Maidment /

After watching The Witcher season 2 (SPOILERS AHEAD!), it’s clear that a few things are true.

Ciri, played by Freya Allan, is the most important character in the Netflix original series. And,  everything we have seen so far has been building to this moment. It’s all happening because of her!

There were a few close calls for Princess Cirilla in The Witcher season 2. Did she make it out alive?

Does Ciri die?

Not in The Witcher season 2, although it seemed pretty close for a while, and if things went a little differently, there’s no doubt that Ciri would have died.

In the season finale, Ciri is possessed by Voleth Meir and throws down with all of the witchers are Kaer Morhen. They even try to kill her after she tries to kill all of them first and then summons some basilisks seemingly out of thin air. It’s WILD!

Geralt protects her and does everything he can to try and get her to snap out of it. Obviously, that doesn’t work. She even takes a knife to the torso from Vesemir and survives.

There are a few other close calls throughout the season, but that was as close as Ciri came to death in The Witcher season 2.

Will she make it out of The Witcher season 3 alive? There is a lot going on there with Ciri’s dad, The Wild Hunt, and the continued war with Nilfgaard. All I know is The Witcher season 3 is going to be GREAT!

Stay tuned for more Netflix news about Ciri and The Witcher season 3 soon.

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