Tiny Pretty Things season 2 renewed or canceled: Everything you need to know about season 2

Tiny Pretty Things, the teen ballet drama based on the book series by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, was a must-watch soapy binge for YA book fans and dancers alike back when the series premiered in December 2020.

Set at the fictional Archer School of Ballet, season 1 drops viewers into the Chicago based school in the aftermath of tragedy. Star ballerina Cassie fell off the roof to the shock and excitement of her fellow dancers.

Some believe that it was an accident while others believe that she was pushed, but regardless of how her fall from the top happened, her spot is now up for grabs.

Cue Neveah’s arrival at the school. She’s a new and promising ballet dancer who’s grabbing attention much to the disappointment and ire of girls like Bette who believe they should hold the crown of prima ballerina at Archer.

Tiny Pretty Things‘ first season was addictive television for those who love a bit of thrilling mystery paired with their messy, scandalous teen drama tropes. It’s what has kept the show in people’s minds despite the long gap between its first season and the potential of a season 2.

However, there’s been recent news of the Netflix original‘s status. Fans are no longer in limbo when it comes to the show’s renewal. Here’s what we know!

Has Tiny Pretty Things been canceled?

Apparently, Netflix quietly canceled Tiny Pretty Things according to a Youtube video posted by actor Brennan Clost who played Shane on the series.

Will there be a Tiny Pretty Things season 2?

In the video, Clost makes no mention of an attempt at shopping a Tiny Pretty Things season 2 around. This is likely due to the show’s cancellation early on after its premiere.

If you’re wondering why neither Netflix nor the cast and crew said anything when the cancellation decision was made, here’s what Clost had to say on the matter:

Netflix told us they were not going to announce it because the way that Netflix content works is that it is evergreen on their platform. It will stay up forever on Netflix.

They didn’t want to take away from the discoverability….If people know that a show isn’t coming back for a second season, more often than not they’re going to choose not to watch it. They don’t want to get attached.

That’s also sort of the same reason why as a cast–we discussed it with our producers, our showrunner, with each other–we decided to keep it quiet that the show wasn’t coming back.

Clost goes on to talk about the love he and the rest of the cast and team behind Tiny Pretty Things have for the show. It’s an important part of the actor’s career and growth in his craft but the door on this teen drama has been closed in terms of further storytelling.

Tiny Pretty Things season 2 won’t be going forward at Netflix. For a look at what other shows have been renewed or canceled this year, click to the next page!