Where is Stranger Things season 4 filmed?

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things might be set in the town of Hawkins, Indiana but like most television shows the series is actually taped in an entirely different location — on in the case of Stranger Thingsseveral locations.

Over the past several months, production has been underway on Stranger Things season 4 with the production team returning to both their usual stomping grounds with a return to several of the show’s most iconic filming locations as well as a variety of new locations set to play key roles in the highly anticipated fourth season.

While the town of Hawkins might be small, there is nothing small about the scale of production on season 4 which has been filmed across several locations which we provide information on below!

Stranger Things season 4 filming locations

Over the years, Stranger Things has been filmed on location in several areas but there has been one constant filming location over the years: Atlanta, Georgia.

Since season 1, Georgia has been serving as the backdrop of the show’s fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana and that trend continues in season 4 with the city of Atlanta serving as a backdrop to Stranger Things season 4.

In addition to filming around the city on-location, Netflix films many of the show’s interior set scenes on a sound stage located within the area. However, Atlanta isn’t the only location Netflix has filmed season 4.

Beyond the show’s usual stomping grounds, Stranger Things season 4 was also filmed in New Mexico this season which has many wondering if New Mexico might be used to double for California which is expected to be a key location this season. Could it perhaps be used as the backdrop of the Byers’ new home — after all they did leave town in the season 3 finale? It’s looking likely.

The final key filming location for season 4 took the action overseas in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to reports, the series shot scenes at several locations in the country including at a century-old former prison and other locations in Lithuania.

While no confirmation has come through, it’s predicted the Lithuania locations will double for Russia where we know Hopper will be spending at least, if not the entire, season.

Stranger Things season 4 is coming in 2022, but in the meantime, you can rewatch seasons 1-3 on Netflix now.

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