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Dacre Montgomery, Cara Buono - Stranger Things (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix
Dacre Montgomery, Cara Buono - Stranger Things (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix /

Netflix’s hit original series, Stranger Things, is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. However, the show isn’t filmed in the Hoosier state. (That’s just one of the fun facts connecting the show to the state. Another is why they chose Indiana for the setting, which may have been inspired by the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.)

So where is Stranger Things filmed then? That’s such a popular question it’s sparked Stranger Things tourism!

It’s filmed in the Hollywood of the South: Georgia. It’s primarily filmed in and around the Atlanta area.

You can book a “Private Stranger Things ‘The Upside Down’ Film Locations Tour in Atlanta” on Viator. During the three-hour tour, you’ll see places like the homes of the Wheelers, Sinclairs and Hendersons, Hawkins Middle and High schools, the pool and “a glimpse of the studios” where filming takes place, mostly for interior scenes.

Where is Stranger Things filmed?

Tours are great if you have limited time during your visit to Atlanta. After all, tour operators have already mapped out the best routes and know where all the locations are. They also likely know the secrets for avoiding Atlanta’s notoriously bad traffic congestion.

However, there are some drawbacks to tours. For one, if you’re taking a Stranger Things sojourn to find all of the places that scenes were shot in Georgia, you won’t get that on the tour that sticks closest to Atlanta. For another, you’re on their time schedule and can’t linger or explore the areas more if they interest you.

You can always craft your own DIY Stranger Things filming locations tour. There are sites that tell you where to find all of the locations, like the Stranger Things Wiki and Stranger Things Filming Locations. Both of which are super useful and detail dozens of the locations you’ll recognize from the series.

Can you visit the Stranger Things filming locations?

However, they don’t necessarily list them in an order that makes planning a trip to see all of the Stranger Things locations easy.

Let’s see if we can remedy that with this list.

It’s broken down into five regions, starting with Atlanta and then north, south, east and west of the city. Hopefully, this makes planning a Stranger Things location sightseeing trip easier for you!

Atlanta Stranger Things locations

Hawkins National Laboratory

Emory University, Briarcliff Campus
1256 Briarcliff Rd NE

Hawkins Community Pool

2171 Lakewood Avenue

Lonnie Byers’ House

930 Garibaldi Street SW

Pittsburgh Apartment Building 

81 Peachtree Place NE

Sattler Quarry

Bellwood Quarry

Note: As of this post, the city of Atlanta is developing this location as part of the Westside Park, but it is not currently open to the public. Also, for The Walking Dead fans, yep. Same quarry.

The Police Chase 

Cone Street & Marietta

Chicago Bus Stop 

Marietta Street NW & Broad

Downtown Chicago

Broad Street NW & Marietta

Windy City Pawn 

Whatley Street SE & Jonesboro Rd SE

Kali’s Hideout

315-319 McDonough Boulevard SE

Stranger Things Locations: West of Atlanta

Hawkins Police Department – Douglasville  (about 25 minutes west of Atlanta)

48 Pray Street

The Arcade – Douglasville 

6501 Church Street

Family Video Store –  Douglasville 

6501 Church Street

Tiffany’s Kitchen – Lithia Springs (about 20 minutes west of Atlanta)

7413 Lee Road

The Rotten Pumpkin Patch – Powder Springs (about 30-45 minutes northwest of Atlanta)

628 Sleepy Hollow Road

Stranger Things locations: North of Atlanta

The Starcourt Mall – Duluth (about 40 minutes northeast of Atlanta)

2100 Pleasant Hill Road

Hopper & Joyce’s Restaurant – Norcross (about 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta)

95 S Peachtree Street

Hawkins Memorial Hospital – Smyrna (about 20-30 minutes northwest of Atlanta depending on route and traffic)

3949 S Cobb Drive SE

Nancy & Jonathan’s Motel – Stone Mountain (about 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta)

6255 Memorial Drive

The Mayfield/Hargrove House – Stone Mountain

5280 Moore Street

Barb’s Funeral – Stone Mountain

1033 Cemetery Circle

The Van Chase and Flip – Tucker (about 30 minute northeast of Atlanta)

1871 Joppa Lane

Stranger Things locations: South of Atlanta

The Wheeler House – East Point (about 15 minutes south of Atlanta)

2530 Piney Wood Lane

The Sinclair House – East Point

2550 Piney Wood Lane

The Henderson House – East Point

2886 Piney Wood Drive

Barb’s House – East Point

2980 Piney Wood Drive

The Trick or Treat House – East Point

2545 Piney Wood Lane

Hawkins General Hospital – East Point

2813 E Point Street

Hawkins Town Hall – East Point

2757 East Point Street

Brimborn Steel Works – East Point

2903 RN Martin Street

The Byers House – Fayetteville (about 35 minutes southwest of Atlanta)

149 Coastline Rd

Hawkins Cemetery – Fayetteville

607 Rivers Road

Hawkins Public Library – Jackson (about an hour south of Atlanta)

22 2nd Street

Melvald’s General Store – Jackson

4 2nd Street

Downtown Hawkins – Jackson

N Oak Street

Hawk Cinema – Jackson

12 Oak Street

Bradley’s Big Buy – Palmetto (about 30 min southwest of Atlanta)

504 Center Street

Steve’s House – Riverdale (about 20 minutes south of Atlanta)

8253 Carlton Road

Hawkins Middle and High Schools – Stockbridge (about 30 minutes southeast of Atlanta)

109 S Lee Street

The Hideaway – Stockbridge 

112 N Berry Street

Stranger Things locations: East of Atlanta

7-Eleven with The Toddfather – Conyers (about 30 minutes east of Atlanta)

1427 Loganville Hwy

Oscar’s Gas n Go – Lithonia (about 20-25 min east of Atlanta)

7705 Covington Highway

The Hawkins Post – Lithonia 

6981 Main Street

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