Andy struggles with her mortality in The Old Guard 2

THE OLD GUARD - Charlize Theron as ÓAndy"Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX ©2020
THE OLD GUARD - Charlize Theron as ÓAndy"Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX ©2020 /

The Old Guard 2 is one of the most anticipated releases set to premiere on Netflix in 2022. The sequel will return fans of the first film to a world where an elite immortal force intervene in the globe’s affairs to keep the planet on the right track.

The ending of The Old Guard, however, put several things in stark perspective for Andy, Nick, Joe, Nile, and Booker from the reveal that Andy is no longer immortal to the twist that her partner, Quynh is alive. Not to mention they still have the problem of their secret potentially getting out if they can’t help keep people safe and stay hidden.

Copley has been brought into the fold to assist the team in covering their tracks and helping to direct which missions to take in order to have a greater impact in the world.

But what can fans expect from The Old Guard 2‘s plot? Here’s what we know!

What is the Old Guard 2 about?

There isn’t an official synopsis for the sequel, however, we do have an inkling of what it’s in store for the audience. The second volume in the comic book series that the movies are adapted from has the following plot:

"When you’ve waged war as long as Andy and her squad, you’ve gotten your hands more than bloody. Now, the day has come to confront the sins of the past. But as Nile struggles to make peace with the team, the last person Andy expected ever to see again returns to challenge not only what Andy believes in, but what the team is willing to fight for."

While we don’t expect The Old Guard 2 will follow the comic book’s narrative to the letter, we do believe Andy and Quynh will be reunited which is sure to ripple through the group. As will Andy’s mortality as she leads with the reality of death very firmly in the forefront of her and everyone else’s minds.

During a TUDUM panel with fellow Netflix action heroines, Charlize Theron teased that her character Andy is once again warring over the things that she cannot change in her life. In the first movie, she’d grown bone wearily tired of living. Immortality had taken its toll, and she wished it was possible for her to die.

Now, however, Theron says Andy will struggle with her mortality. As we saw in The Old Guard, it made her a liability and hindered her ability to lead. Obviously, that will continue to be an issue for her and the team.

What will this mean for Andy now? Will she be out of the field? Will she become the woman behind the computer screen? We’ll have to wait and see, but we’re definitely intrigued by where this sequel is set to go especially with Andy wanting her immortality back.

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