Will Stranger Things season 4 episodes be released weekly?

Stranger Things. Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things. Courtesy of Netflix /

Stranger Things is without question the most highly anticipated Netflix original series with a new season on the way. Since the hit series hasn’t released a new season since July 2019, excitement for Stranger Things season 4 has hit an all-time high.

All kinds of rumors and unofficial news have been swirling around Stranger Things season 4 as fans grow more and more impatient for the impending release of the surely game-changing season. Finally, we could be getting some concrete news for season 4.

On Sept. 24, Netflix teased fans with a small glimpse at the upcoming teaser 003, which will be released during the TUDUM fan event on Saturday, Sept. 25. The short 12-second clip appeared to be full of Easter eggs, including a potential horror homage and release date.

But another Easter egg within the teaser’s teaser has us wondering whether Netflix could be shifting the release format for Stranger Things season 4. Will the fourth season skip a full drop in favor of weekly episodes? Here’s what we expect.

Is Stranger Things season 4 being released weekly?

Within the first second of the teaser 003 first look, a newspaper titled “The Weekly Watcher” enters the frame. Unless it’s a just totally random fake newspaper name, the season will be released all at once like usual. However, it’s worth looking into whether the season could be released weekly.

After all, it’s been well over two years since the previous season dropped, leaving fans with the longest wait time between seasons yet. If Netflix released season 4 all at once, we would be left waiting once again for season 5 to hit our watch lists.

But if Netflix opted for a weekly roll out, fans would be able to savor the new episodes over the span of a couple months, bridging the gap between the eventual follow-up season. That sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

Apart from reality shows like The Circle and the now-defunct slate of talk shows, there’s really no set precedent for Netflix to release episodes of a scripted series weekly. In that sense, it’s unlikely that Stranger Things season 4 will drop week by week.

Still, that “Weekly Watcher” newspaper seems like too much of a hint to ignore. Would you prefer season 4 release weekly or all at once? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more Stranger Things news and updates from Netflix Life!

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