Intrusion ending explained: Is Henry the bad guy?


In need of a fast-paced thriller to get you in the mood for spooky season? Intrusion just hit Netflix today and it’s a fun flick that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, with the awesome two actors as the leads, Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto, you’ll surely be entertained from start to finish.

Intrusion isn’t one of the better Netflix original movies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. One good thing this film does is keep the suspense up, and just as the main character Meera (Pinto) begins to distrust her husband Henry (Marshall-Green), so do audiences.

It’s not completely unpredictable in the end and the film would have benefitted from some more explanation and character development, but with a cool runtime of 93 minutes, Intrusion follows through with what it sets out to do. So what exactly happens in the end? Let’s get into it.

Spoilers ahead for Intrusion.

What is Intrusion about?

The basic premise of Intrusion goes like this: A married couple moves to a new house across the country in hopes of starting a new life. Meera is a cancer survivor, and she and her husband agree to move on from their trauma by building a gorgeous new home and relocating. They seem to be really strong at the beginning of the movie, but soon Meera starts realizing not everything is as it seems.

Unfortunately, the two fall victim to a home invasion one night where three men break into their home. To Meera’s surprise, Henry has a gun in the house and he shoots the burglars. Days after, Meera is shaken up but Henry doesn’t seem bothered at all.

The authorities inform the couple that the men who broke into their home lived in a trailer park nearby and one of their family members, Christine Cobb, has been missing. They show Meera and Henry photos of her before sending them on their way.

One night soon after, Henry heads off to the next town over to buy some party supplies for their upcoming housewarming celebration, only to leave his wallet at home. Meera decides to drive after him with his wallet so he doesn’t have to drive all the way there and back. To her surprise, Henry makes an unexpected turn and she’s suspicious of where he’s going. Before she can keep following him, however, she gets into a car accident.

Meera is fortunately okay, but she starts being sketched out by Henry. The next day she takes Henry’s car to work while hers is in the auto shop, and decides to look through his GPS history. Once she finds an unknown address, she drives there and it ends up being the trailer park. She bravely goes through the Cobb house and finds a letter from Henry’s architecture business, meaning they had a connection Henry never told her about.

Intrusion ending explained

It certainly feels like at this point that Henry is evil, or at least has something to do with the disappearance of Christine.

Before leaving the trailer park, Meera goes through Dylan Cobb’s mail and finds a video camera addressed to the police. Later on in the movie, she creeps through Henry’s office and finds a drive with photos from the construction of their home. In the photos, she sees not only Dylan, but also Christine. Shocked, she eventually confronts Henry about the photos and demands answers.

Henry seemingly comes clean by telling Meera that because he was tight on money when building their home, he hired guys under the table. Dylan was one of the workers on the house, and after Henry fired him he continued to send him money in the mail. Henry claims that Dylan and the other men invaded their home because he stopped sending the money.

Meera and Henry make up after this and decide to leave all of it in the past, however during their housewarming party, Meera decides to take a closer look into things. She uses the memory card from the video camera she finds in Dylan’s mail and watches what he was planning to send to the police. In the video, Dylan suggests that Henry has something to do with the disappearance of Christine.

How does Intrusion end?

Determined to find out the truth, Meera goes back to Henry’s office during the housewarming party and discovers a secret basement. She goes down there and finds Christine duct-taped to a chair! This is when our suspicions come true — Henry is the bad guy, and he actually kidnapped Christine and had been keeping her in their home all this time.

Throughout the movie, we’d hear random bangs of the pipes which Meera likely chalked up to the plumbing. As it turns out, it was really Christine being held hostage, trying to create noise for someone to come help her.

In the end, Henry sends their guests home and comes down to the basement. He admits that he’s the culprit, and wants Meera to support him just as she did when she was battling cancer. Fortunately, Meera doesn’t give in, and instead, she’s able to hit him over the head with a clock — the very clock that Henry gifted her on their first date.

Henry is seemingly dead, and the final scene shows the house being sold and Meera presumably moving on with her life. As for a sequel, there haven’t been any talks of many an Intrusion 2, but though the movie doesn’t on a cliffhanger, there’s always a chance Henry could still be alive. We didn’t see his body being buried, so you never know. There could be a story for a sequel.

Until we hear anything, be sure to stream Intrusion on Netflix right now!

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