The Circle season 3: Does Ruksana know Ne-Yo?

The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

The Circle season 3 is officially underway with the first four episodes of Netflix’s breakout reality drama streaming now!

As in past seasons, the first episodes of the new season have done a great job of introducing viewers to this season’s new contestants with eight players moving in on Day 1 with additional players joining the mix a few episodes in and more to come as the season progresses.

Among the breakout favorites from the first episodes of The Circle season 3 has been 35-year-old Senior Payroll Administrator Ruksana! From the moment she entered The Circle, Ruksana has been winning her fellow Circle-mates and us viewers at home over with her warm personality. Just four episodes in, Ruksana is already making waves in The Circle and creating buzz among her castmates.

She’s also creating buzz among viewers, but not just for her gameplay but for her stunning profile photos including one which caught many viewers’ eyes in episode 3. We’re, of course, referring to her photo with Grammy-winner Ne-Yo!

Ruksana The Circle Ne-Yo selfie

To provide some contest, in the fourth episode of season 3, the players are prompted to select a flashback photo of themselves to share with The Circle as part of one of the season’s first games. After being asked to find a flashback photo to add to their player profile, we get the chance to see each member of The Circle select their flashback photos from their available photo galleries.

While most of the shots weren’t anything to write home about, we couldn’t help but notice that Ruksana’s Out and About photo collection featured a not-so-subtle image of her posting with Ne-Yo. Ultimately, Ruksana would choose to share a more personal photo with her Circle fam, but what exactly was the story behind the image?

Although we were unable to locate the image on any of Ruksana’s personal social media platforms, the image appears to have been part of a meet-and-greet event perhaps taken at a concert. As you might notice by browsing her feed, Ruksana has enjoyed a few celebrity encounters in the past including Steve Harvey during an appearance on Family Feud. 

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