27 Netflix characters who deserve their own spinoffs

The Irregulars - Credit: Matt Squire
The Irregulars - Credit: Matt Squire /
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With hundreds of movies and TV shows on Netflix and just as many original programs and films, it makes sense that some characters stand out from the crowd. Whether they are fascinating because of what we already know about them or for what they offer our leading men and women, there is something about these characters that stick out in our minds.

While some shows get cancelled, leading to us wishing for a spinoff for our favorite side characters who never really got a chance to shine, others are ongoing and yet we still want more.

With a chance to pick 27 side characters I think deserve their own chance at Netflix glory, it was pretty hard to narrow it down (but I totally did!). There are some Netflix movies and shows that brought us amazing characters, both as the leads of the program or even as minor and side characters. And those are the programs I turned to for inspiration.

From The Irregulars and Stranger Things to the Fear Street movies and The Kissing Booth, these are some of the characters that gave us a taste of who they were and left us wanting more. (And sometimes, these shows and movies gave us more than one character we wanted more of!)

So who do you think deserves their own Netflix spinoff? Whether the show has been cancelled or is still running to continue the stories of these characters, here are our top 27 characters that deserve their story to be told.