10 best Christmas movies on Netflix for Christmas in July 2021

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix
THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix /
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Christmas movies on Netflix

At FanSided Entertainment, we are celebrating Christmas in July! Summer is a great time to sit back and enjoy some fun holiday-themed Netflix movies. It may be hot outside, but there is no reason you can’t cozy up inside with a great Christmas movie.

Netflix has an amazing list of Christmas and Holiday features with many subcategories.  There are many Christmas choices in the animated category, including Dreamworks Holiday Classics, Trolls Holiday, Happy Holidays from Madagascar and more. For horror fans, the film Holidays, which features dark holiday tales, is sure to please.

Be sure to check out The Holiday Movies That Made Us, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at Elf and Nightmare Before Christmas. 

If you need more Christmas movies on Netflix right now, check out the list below. We picked 10 Christmas movies you definitely need to watch.

Christmas movies on Netflix: Alien Xmas

This stop motion animated film, Alien Xmas, is based on characters from a book of the same name by Stephen Chiodo and Jim Strain. Jon Favreau is the executive producer and lends his voice talents for one of the characters named, Obie.

X is an alien that is a member of the race known as Klepts, who have been sent to earth to visit the North Pole and eliminate the earth’s gravity. The Klepts are thieves led by Supreme Leader Z who have plundered their home planet and now travel the universe stealing all they need.  Their next plan involves planet Earth.

It is a cute, short film with a run time of only 42 minutes. One that the whole family can enjoy.

Christmas movies on Netflix: Klaus

The Netflix original movie, Klaus, is an alternate origin story of Santa Claus set in the 19th century in an island town of Far North.

A pampered boy named Jesper Johansson must prove to his father that he is worthy of the family fortune. When he flunks out of postman training, his father gives him a task that if he fails, he will lose his inheritance. He meets a man, Klaus, a woodsman who crafts handmade toys, and together they create the tradition of Christmas in the town of Smeerensburg.

The film features the voice talents of Jason Schwartzman, J. K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Will Sasso, Neda Margrethe Labba, Sergio Pablos, Norm Macdonald and Joan Cusack.

The critical response to this film was positive, sighting the gorgeous animation, humor, and heartwarming tale. This movie is a great one for family viewing.