Is The Greatest Showman on Netflix?

You can't watch the hit 2017 movie musical on Netflix, but it is streaming on Disney+.
The Greatest Showman Australian Premiere - Arrivals
The Greatest Showman Australian Premiere - Arrivals / Don Arnold/GettyImages

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for!  Hearing Hugh Jackman sing those words for the first time certainly sent a chill through all of our spines as this The Greatest Showman actor truly set the stage for the new generation of musical movies in Hollywood. It's a shame that you can't rewatch the movie on Netflix, but because it a 20th Century Fox film, The Greatest Showman belongs to Disney.

Also starring the wonderful Zendaya, this 2017 film not only featured a diverse cast but also told diverse stories of social outcasts being brought together by their similar experiences and shared talents.

Truly a sight to behold and a fun journey from start to finish, The Greatest Showman is a film that you definitely have to add to your movie watch list. Find out where you can the Academy Award-nominated film down below.

Stream The Greatest Showman on Disney+

Good news! This 2017 film is currently available to watch via Disney+ upon sign-up and subscription. Additionally, if you don’t mind spending a few coins, you can also rent the film with Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. The options are endless! Since the movie has been out for a long time now, you can purchase a physical copy on Blu-ray or DVD wherever you purchase your physical media.

For those who don't want to wait to start watching, here's how you can sign-up for Disney+ right now.

  1. Head to the official Disney+ account and make a new account, or you can create your own! Then you'll need to select yours or your family's profile.
  2. Since Disney is offering bundles with Hulu and ESPN+ you'll need to decide which one to get. There are multiple options, which you can learn more about below.
  3. Once your plan is selected, all you need to do is enter your payment information and hit play!

Disney+ plans

Disney has a lot of plan options, so we're just highlighting the basic Disney+ options and the Disney+ with Hulu added choices.

  • Disney+ basic (with ads) is $7.99/month
  • Disney+ Premium (ad-free) is $13.99/month
  • Duo Basic (Hulu + Disney+ with ads) is $9.99/month
  • Duo Premium (Hulu + Disney+ ad-free) is $19.99/month

If you're only getting Disney+ so you can watch The Greatest Showman, then we recommend getting the Disney+ basic or Disney+ Premium, as the movie isn't on Hulu.

Honestly, if all you want to do is watch the movie, it would be cheaper to rent it from a digital retailer like Amazon or Apple where the cost is just $3.89 to rent the movie in Ultra HD.

"Challengers" Premiere In Rome / Elisabetta A. Villa/GettyImages

See The Greatest Showman stars in more projects

The cast of The Greatest Showman has been virtually unstoppable since the premiere of the 2017 movie musical. Considering the cast includes Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson, that's not all that surprising. But all of them have been in exciting projects since the film's premiere.

Right now, Zendaya is coming off of her Dune: Part Two press tour alongside Ferguson, who also stars in the movie. Now Zendaya is currently promoting her next buzzy film, Challengers. Meanwhile, Efron just had a great 2023 with his acclaimed movie The Iron Claw and recently he starred alongside John Cena in the Amazon film Ricky Stanicky.

As for Jackman, you'll be seeing a lot of him in the coming months as he begins promoting his big superhero film Deadpool + Wolverine with Ryan Reynolds.

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