Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown stuns as Hermione Granger in new Harry Potter video

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Not only would Millie Bobby Brown make a great Princess Leia in any Star Wars prequels, the Stranger Things star would also be great as Hermione Granger in any Harry Potter remakes!

There’s new Harry Potter deepfake video going around with Millie Bobby Brown playing Hermione Granger. And, it’s incredible! I absolutely know that these videos are supposed to make it look like Brown is actually playing Hermione Granger and not Emma Watson, but it still blows my mind.

Netflix Life’s sister site, Winter is Coming, found the video online, and we thought it was too good not to share it with Stranger Things fans.

Watch the Harry Potter video with Brown as Hermione below!

Millie Bobby Brown as Hermione Granger video

The video was posted on YouTube by Jarkan, who makes a lot of convincing deepfake videos. This Millie Bobby Brown video is just another example of their work.

Check out the video below!

We all know Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things or Enola Holmes from Enola Holmes, but the possibilities for Brown to join major movie franchises are endless. If they ever make a Princess Leia prequel or Harry Potter series about Hermione going to Wizard college or whatever, Brown should be the first actor called!

I don’t know how likely either of those projects are, but they seem pretty likely with Warner Bros. possibly exploring more shows and movies set in the wizarding world and the ever-expanding Star Wars Universe at Disney. I think itt’s only a matter of time before Brown is cast in the MCU!

Brown is in the middle of filming Stranger Things season 4. And, we’re still waiting to find out when the Stranger Things season 4 release date will be.

We’ll be sure to let you know more about Stranger Things season 4 when we find out. We’re also still waiting to learn if Enola Holmes 2 is happening at Netflix.

Stay tuned for more news about Stranger Things! 

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