5 times Lucifer was a selfless angel

Lucifer. Image Courtesy John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer. Image Courtesy John P. Fleenor/Netflix /
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Lucifer has saved many lives

4. Wings of an angel

Lucifer has saved Chloe multiple times, but this time was special. Luci’s wings returned just when he needed them the most! In season 3, episode 24, our Prince of Hell grew his wings to save Chloe. But it wasn’t just to save her, he also put his life on the line.

This episode is one of my favorites. This scene is just brilliantly orchestrated! Luci’s beautiful white wings become bloody as he takes many bullets aimed at the pair.

3. To hell and back

In season 2, episode 13, titled “A Good Day to Die,” Luci goes to hell and back…again.

When Chloe is poisoned, there is only one cure that can save her life. Unfortunately, only the one who poisoned Chloe knows the secret antidote. Oh, and one more thing, he’s dead.

Lucifer has been struggling with his wings, so he’s not able to travel to Hell. Instead, he dies. Literally. With the help of Maze and Dr. Linda, Luci’s heart stops so he is able to get the antidote for Chloe.

It’s a very emotional episode!

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