Is Giannina from Love is Blind single?

Love is Blind season 1 on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Love is Blind season 1 on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

If you binged watched Love is Blind, there are likely plenty of moments burned into your memory, but perhaps none are more unforgettable than Giannina Gibelli fleeing her own wedding. Or maybe that’s just my opinion.

On foot and in hysterics, a heartbroken Gigi was chased down by the cameras after her fiancé, Damian Powers, blindsided his bride-to-be with the news he wasn’t ready to marry her and didn’t think she was really ready for marriage either. Oh, and let’s not forget (as if we could) that Damian only told her this after she shared her adoring vows in front of their closest friends, family, and of course, Netflix viewers.

Looking back, why Damian chose to break it off how he did rather than tell her in private (and prior to the ceremony) remains a very good question to us all. Still, perhaps the better question quickly became, will they or won’t they work it out? Or rather, if Giannina would take him back after that televised fiasco or not.

Are Giannina and Damian from Love is Blind together?

While it certainly seemed like a difficult moment for any couple to bounce back from, they started dating after filming the show. After Love is Blind season 1 aired, both Giannina and Damian posted to their Instagram accounts, noting that while they still weren’t married, the tumultuous couple was making it work, for better or worse.

During the reunion special, Giannina and Damian confirmed they were trying to give their relationship another go. There was no shortage of PDA-filled posts on social media. Like many people  watching Love is Blind, I’ve carried around mixed feelings for their relationship status ever since they didn’t say “I do.” And from the looks of it, so did Giannina in the end.

In 2021, there’s been growing speculation that these two have called it quits. Thus far, neither has confirmed nor denied their breakup. But we do have some clues.

If social media holds the answers, Giannina’s Instagram definitely implies things are over between them. In fact, Damian has all but disappeared from her feed. Lately, most of Gigi’s posts seem more focused on self-love, rather than looking for romantic love. And I, for one, am happy to see it.

As for Damian, his last post with Giannina came back in October 2020.

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