5 good teen Netflix shows in languages other than English

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /
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2. Jinn (Season 1)

Rated TV-MA : Language – Arabic

Jinn is a Jordanian supernatural drama centered on a group private school students whose lives are upended after a field trip to Petra. The city is considered to be home to demons and strange happenstances. When Mira accidentally summons a spirit, the students are thrust into a race against time to stop jinn from corrupting and destroying the world they know.

Jinn deals with issues of bullying. The series includes strong language, some blood and gore, sexual exploration, and drug/alcohol use.

3. A Love So Beautiful (Season 1)

TV-PG : Language – Korean

Based on the novel Our Pure Little Beauty by Zhao Gangan and the Chinese television adaptation of the book, A Love So Beautiful is a South Korean coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama centered on three Yuil High School students.

Shin Sol-i is bubbly, the complete opposite of her crush Cha Heon who rebuffs her affections. What she doesn’t know is that Cha Heon’s cold demeanor hides an awkwardness and inability expression his own feelings.

However, Shin Sol-i isn’t the only student dealing with seemingly unrequited love. There’s also her friend Woo Dae-seong, a recent transfer to the school, who’s fell in with Shin Sol-i the moment they met though she’s unaware.

Episodes of A Love So Beautiful are released weekly on Netflix.

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