6 best dating shows on Netflix: Love is Blind and more

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /
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Dating shows on Netflix: Back With the Ex

Back With the Ex has one season with seven episodes. The dating show follows four couples who have previously broken up. This ranges from high school sweethearts to long-distance relationships.

The premise is very basic: The couples are reunited and given another chance to rekindle— all while being under camera surveillance. It is perfectly cringey and sweet, and addicting to watch.

Dating shows on Netflix: Are You The One?

This series originally aired on MTV and now has two seasons on Netflix. In Are You The One?, the showrunners have already come up with everybody’s perfect companion using a set algorithm. Throughout the series, the contestants have to identify who their matches are.

What’s enjoyable most about this show is that it has a “coming together” component. All of the contestants must find their proper matches in order to earn the cash prize.

Are You The One? is competitive but in the best way possible. The contestants quickly find that being honest with one another is the more efficient way for them all to come away from the show as big winners.

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