6 best dating shows on Netflix: Love is Blind and more

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /
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Dating shows on Netflix: Love on the Spectrum

Before getting into Love on the Spectrum, please note that while the show received high reviews from critics, many autistic writers shared their mixed thoughts on it. Many found it to be entertaining and a great starting point for representation, but felt as though some moments missed the mark.

Love on the Spectrum follows around young adults who are on the autism spectrum. The show highlights the ups and downs of the dating experience, portraying a very honest depiction of the uncertainties of dating.

Everybody on the show is likable and it’s overall a very light and enjoyable watch. It’s perfectly fitting for the season!

Dating shows on Netflix: The Bachelorette

Next up is the classic dating show The Bachelorette! Netflix features one season of this popular show, season 6 with contestant Ali Fedotowsky.

This reality show focuses on the main contestant: In this season’s case, Fedotowsky. The contestant is presented with a large group of dating contenders. They go on a series of dates to get to know each other, but then the main contestant eventually begins to vote people off. In the most dramatic way, of course, they pass out roses.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking or hilarious than watching someone not get handed a rose. It’s a great show to hate-watch or genuinely enjoy!

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