Chase Stokes talks diets, dating, and Outer Banks season 2

Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix
Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix /

On Feb. 10, Chase Stokes hosted a Valentine’s event with Sweet Earth Foods and OKCupid Dating Expert Damona Hoffman.

We were able to sit down with the Outer Banks star ahead the event to discuss his partnership with California based food company Sweet Earth Foods, the brand’s 2021 survey on the correlation between dietary preferences and dating criteria, along with Stokes’ own food journey.

The survey, taken by Gen Z and millennial respondents, revealed that people with a plant-based diet have a tougher time dating because of the judgement they experience, a feeling that they need to explain their dietary preferences, compensate for or even compromise on their food selections.

For some, it might be surprising to learn that a person’s eating habits are as seriously considered in dating as their political beliefs and ideologies, whether they’re divorced, and if they have credit card debt. According to Sweet Earth Foods’ survey:

"Plant-based eaters are less likely to “love” their dating experience than meat eaters (43% of  meat eaters vs. 29% of vegetarians and 31% of vegans claimed to love their dating  experience.)2 in 3 vegans (64%) and vegetarians (67%) say that whenever they tell someone about their diet, the inquirer usually ask why, making them feel like they have to explain themselves.1 in 5 vegans (19%) and vegetarians (20%) have broken their diets on dates because they were too anxious to tell their date about their diet.For meat eaters, when they consider a potential match’s eligibility, following a strict diet like veganism or vegetarianism is seen as worse than being divorced or having credit card debt,  and is worse than other restrictive diets such as gluten-free or dairy-free.4 in 10 (42%) meat eaters would expect a plant-based partner to still cook meat for them.1 in 3 (32%) meat eaters would want couples counseling if they were to date a plant-based  eater."

Chase Stokes on Outer Banks season 2, diets, and dating

In our talk with Stokes, he discussed his surprise at the stigma surrounding dietary preferences and gave advice to meat eaters looking to expand their comfort zone.

Check out the full interview with the Outer Banks star below!

Netflix Life: Sweet Earth Foods did a survey that I was surprised by when it comes to the results about how dietary preferences are actually really important dating criteria for a lot of people. Can you explain more of the results of the survey for us?

Chase Stokes: I think the one that stood out most to me was that 1 in 5 vegans or vegetarians have actually broken their diets on dates when they’re going to meet new partners to mingle, which is crazy. They get a little anxious about that conversation. I think, for me, it’s sort of still strange in 2021 that we’re trying to hide the fact that we’re trying to better our bodies or have diets that are beneficial for us. And we’re letting the anxiety of potential new partners push us out of that safe space of our diet. It sounds pretty crazy to me, but hopefully, as time progresses we can get to a space where that conversation isn’t as tumultuous as it is.

Netflix Life: It is a deal breaker for some people but not for everyone, so what would your advice be to someone who is a meat eater interested in dating someone who is a vegan or a vegetarian?

Chase Stokes: I think my advice would be, just try it. There’s no harm in trying a plant-based diet. I mean if you like it, great. If you don’t, great, too. I think, too, it’s always good for your body to expand your palate. I mean, for me, I was a predominantly meat eater for a long time. And I’ve adopted a lot of plant-based foods just over the past year and a half. It’s been something that I’ve really enjoyed. Something that I don’t think that if I [wouldn’t] have gone out of my comfort zone a little bit to just try, I wouldn’t have appreciated it. I’m kind of thankful for Maddie because she’s been somebody who has really implemented that in my life as well.

Netflix Life: Okay. Well, that’s good. So, we know you’re a flexitarian but what is a flexitarian? 

Chase Stokes: A flexitarian is exactly that. I’ve expanded myself outside of just a traditional diet of what your average person is going to eat. I mean I try vegan options, I try vegetarian options. Pescatarian things. I’ve expanded my palate to trying all different options and that’s why this Sweet Earth, sort of collaboration, has been so special to me because it’s a product that I believe in and it’s something that I feel super passionate about.

And it’s something that’s fueled my body really really effectively over the past year and a half with my crazy work schedule, and especially moving through COVID where going out to restaurants has been limited to all of us. To get high-quality options available to me, whether it be the Mindful Chik’n or the Veggie Lover’s Pizza, which is one of their newer products, it’s just been awesome. It’s a great product and something I fully stand behind and believe in.

Netflix Life: It sounds like your food journey has been diverse, then, in terms of where you were going to land on the spectrum of plant-based and meat-based diets. But since we were talking about advice earlier, you’re going to be doing a dating event coming up a little before Valentine’s Day.

Chase Stokes: I am going to be having a fun little chit-chat with Damona Hoffman that is going to be Wednesday, February 10 at 6 pm EST. It’s going to be a Q&A about what it’s like–like we were talking about with the statistics earlier–what it’s like dating somebody who has dietary restrictions as well as anything else under the sun whether it’s talking about upcoming projects, how people’s mental health [is] doing. I think it’s just going to be a fun experience for fans to come in and ask some questions. The spaces are limited which is super important to mention. So, get in there it’s going to be on, and we’re just going to kind of talk about everything and have an open dialogue and have a fun conversation about it.

Netflix Life: And in that conversation, you’re going to be helping people connect with others that might be of a differing dietary preference to them? Is it an entire conversation about romantic connections and food options or is there more to it?

Chase Stokes: I won’t be involved with the speed dating stuff. I’m predominately going to be there to talk with Damona, but, yeah, after the fact, there’s going to be a little speed dating round where singles who are kind of dabbling in the plant-based world and want to talk about all of those questions, they have the opportunity to do so. That’ll be exciting for those people who are single and looking for a partner in this space.

Netflix Life: And my last question, because I’m sure people what to know. With Outer Banks season 2 coming up is there anything you can tease about it?

Chase Stokes: What I can say is everybody has worked so incredibly hard this season. Performances are so much more nuanced, the story is heightened. I think it’s a story that people are really really going to resonate with. I’m just so proud of the cast and crew this season. Being on top of their game and doing their absolute best in the environment that we’re currently in.

I can say it’s going to be another wild ride. You know Outer Banks doesn’t disappoint in that space. I think people are really really going to be excited to see the second season.

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