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Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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Stranger Things Couples: Nancy and Jonathan

Next is the simple and sweet relationship between Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers. These two were hinted at through season one but finally became a thing in season two, and remained a couple through season three. They are the most sensible. The couple hardly gets into drama and they usually get involved with the creature-hunting later on in the game. They are still definite heroes, first winning over hearts when they paired together and explored the Upside Down in season one.

Jancy, much like the previous two, are presumably not currently dating. At the end of Stranger Things 3, the Byers moved away from Hawkins along with Eleven, separating the whole gang. But fingers are still crossed for our favorite unproblematic couple!

Stranger Things Couples: Joyce and Bob

Of course, Job had to make the list, or is Boyce? Although Bob Newby wasn’t the famed Hopper mentioned above, he was truly a sweetheart to Joyce Byers. After befriending Joyce, Bob started popping up frequently around the Byers household. He had movie nights with the family and lent Joyce’s two boys his video camera.

[Spoiler] He ended up dying in Stranger Things 2 at the mercy of a few young Demogorgons. This was an awful turn of events as he was well-liked by everybody and a great, mature boyfriend for Joyce.

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