Best couples from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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Best Stranger Things couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While we wait, let’s talk about our favorite couples from Stranger Things.

Although the show is filled with tons of spooks, it also features a handful of lovey-dovey couples. Well, “lovey-dovey” for the most part.

A few of the romantic couples in Stranger Things are faced with terribly tragic plotlines. But besides the point, they are still adorable and we’re obsessed.

Below, we shared a selection of the top five couples from the sci-fi/horror Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

Stranger Things couples: Max and Lucas

“Mad Max” Mayfield and Lucas Sinclair quickly won over hearts in Stranger Things 3.

The two characters officially got together at the end of season 2 when they kissed at the big school dance, also known as the Snow Ball of ’84. Their hilarious couple’s name is “Mucas” (pronounced Mucus), and it’s rather indicative of their romantic nature!

The couple is totally laid back and is always down to hang out with the group even if it means sacrificing cherished one-on-one time with one another.  Not to mention they always have jokes to tell each other and their friends.

In a Stranger Things 3 scene, when Lucas is giving his best friend Mike relationship advice he says, “Max has dumped me five times. But what have I done? Huh? Have I despaired? No. I’ve marched back into battle, and I’ve won her back every single freaking time.”

We can’t help but stan that kind of passion! And, that’s why Mucus is one of the best Stranger Things couples.

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