Space Sweepers is coming to Netflix tonight

Space Sweepers - Credit: Netflix
Space Sweepers - Credit: Netflix /

There is no shortage of excellent sci-fi endeavors orbiting the streaming service’s ever-expanding library of content, and now the first Korean space blockbuster Space Sweepers will touch down on Netflix tonight for subscribers to enjoy.

The official trailer for Jo Sung-Lee’s hugely anticipated space opera showcased one wild ride that looks like Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. After witnessing the preview in all its glory, it becomes abundantly clear Space Sweepers is a must-watch affair that fans will now want to miss.

The visually stunning film takes place in the year 2092 and follows a ragtag crew of space junk collectors who discover a humanoid robot that looks like a child but is really a weapon of mass destruction. Thinking this is the score of a lifetime, they decide to engage in a rather risky business deal, and things don’t go exactly as planned.

The exciting motion picture boats a talented cast including The Battleship Island’s Song Joong-ki, The Handmaiden’s Kim Tae-ri, Kingdom’s Jin Seon-kyu, Confidential Assignment’s Yoo Hai-jin, and The Hobbit trilogy’s Richard Armitage. The film’s director Jo Sung-Hee has some solid credits under his belt, including the 2012 box office hit A Werewolf Boy, adding to the many reasons subscribers will not want to sleep on the South Korean space opera Space Sweepers.

What time is Space Sweepers on Netflix?

There is no denying that Space Sweepers looks like an out of this world thrill ride that subscribers will not want to miss. This next-level ordeal will surely not disappoint when it blasts off on Netflix.

Space Sweepers will be available on Netflix at 12 am PT on Feb. 5, 2021, for subscribers to experience and everyone that loves science fiction as well as great films, should definitely not sleep on this stellar flick.

Here is the official synopsis for Space Sweepers.

"Set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they discover a humanoid robot named Dorothy that’s known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal."

And here is the official trailer for the Netflix sci-fi film.

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