Space Sweepers: Netflix drops stunning trailer for epic South Korean film

Space Sweepers - Credit: Netflix
Space Sweepers - Credit: Netflix /

Space Sweepers trailer

Netflix has released the official trailer for Jo Sung-Hee’s highly anticipated space opera Space Sweepers that looks absolutely out of this world.

After announcing its release in February and teasing subscribers with a drop-dead fantastic preview, the streaming powerhouse has unveiled its first full trailer for the film that has been revered as the first Korean space blockbuster.

Could Space Sweepers be the next Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Star Trek? From the looks of the latest promo, all signs point to it being a viable contender to become a global sensation and a gorgeously realized chart-topper for Netflix.

Watch the trailer below!

The trailer for Space Sweepers invites subscribers on an exhilarating sci-fi thrill ride is set in the year 2092, where Earth is no longer habitable, and an entire civilization has been built just beyond the planet’s atmosphere made up of orbital stations and space elevators. The story follows a small crew of junkers that chase valuable space debris for money.

Things take an intriguing turn when one of their hauls take in an android girl that is actually a weapon of mass destruction. She is apparently linked to a plan to unleash secret robot bombs that look indistinguishable from humans into the population.

This leads the heroes of Space Sweepers into a real conundrum. They could sell her to nefarious individuals for a quick and rather large payday, or they could make sure this special little girl doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The exciting endeavor stars The Handmaiden’s Kim Tae-ri, A Werewolf Boy’s Song Joong-Ki, and The Outlaws’ Seon-kyu Jin. A Taxi Driver’s Hae-Jin Yoo provides the voice and motion capture for the robot character. The Hobbit trilogy and Berlin Station star Richard Armitage is also in the film.

There seems to be no shortage of jaw-dropping action, stunning visuals, and a robot character that is sure to become an absolute fan-favorite with subscribers everywhere. Space Sweepers undoubtedly has many things going for it, and its stock should seriously rise with viewers as a must-see that nobody should sleep on.

Space Sweepers will release on Netflix on February 5, 2021.

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