10 Netflix movies to watch if you miss your BFF

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The Kissing Booth - Credit: Marcos Cruz /
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Netflix movies to watch if you miss your best friend

Have you been feeling lonely lately? The coronavirus pandemic has forced people into isolation, away from their friends and family. With social distancing in place and the closure of restaurants and shopping areas around the world, many of us are desperately longing for quality time with our BFFs.

The best friend trope has existed in entertainment since the very creation of storytelling; Romeo has Mercutio, Cher has Dionne, Janis has Damian. They are sprinkled into a variety of genres. There are the trusty buddy road-trip movies like Crossroads and Due Date, the partner-in-crime action flicks like Thelma and Louise and the childhood besties like in 13 Going on 30.

These types of Netflix movies are super important to their audiences. Not only do they entertain, like all good flicks should, but they also give a sense of belonging— an indescribable feeling of warmth and safety. A good buddy picture will deliver hearty laughs and moments of awe, whether the protagonist gets a conventional ending or not.

Here are 10 movies to stream on Netflix if you miss your BFF. It’s a list for everybody: girl besties, bros, lovers. No matter how you label your companionship, there’s a movie for you on this list.

Netflix movies: 1. Always Be My Maybe

Starting off sweet, Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy movie by comedians Ali Wong and Randall Park, and playwright Michael Golamco. The movie follows childhood BFFs Sasha Tran (Wong) and Marcus Kim (Park). The two eventually grow apart and rekindle in their adulthood where Sasha is now an influencer-slash-chef and Marcus is the lead singer in his small-town band.

Always Be My Maybe has an obvious romantic twist but at the root of it all is two people who genuinely care for one another. The movie is filled with hilarious quick-witted comments and has a cameo by Keanu Reeves who plays a nonsensical version of himself— Keanu Reeves is always a bonus, trust me.