10 Netflix movies to watch if you miss your BFF

The Kissing Booth - Credit: Marcos Cruz
The Kissing Booth - Credit: Marcos Cruz /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 27: Actor Michael Cera arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” at the Chinese Theater on July 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

Netflix movies: 2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Do you miss your friend but hate lovey-dovey movies? Pop some popcorn and prepare to lose yourself in the absurdity of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Based on a comic book series with the same name, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World observes the titular character through what appears to be a slice-of-life movie— Scott (Michael Cera) has a band called the Sex Bob-Omb, falls in love, falls out of love, plays in a Battle of the Bands competition. But the story is not typical at all, the movie is packed with action and weird dream-like sequences. After Scott meets and falls in love with the edgy “ninja delivery girl” Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) he is faced with a challenge: If he wants to date Ramona, he must first fight her six evil exes.

Despite this totally laughable and fictional storyline, the main characters in the movie have a super cool fun group composed of Scott’s bandmates and his snarky roommate Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin). Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has an all-star cast featuring Chris Evans, Brie Larson, and Anna Kendrick— just to name a few. This cult-classic is the perfect movie to watch if you tend to hang around a loud, rambunctious crew.

Netflix movies: 3. Sleepover

Sleepover is an early-2000s comedy staple for teens and the young-at-heart. The movie is about a fun group of girls having a big sleepover on their last day of middle school. They end up being challenged to a scavenger hunt by a clique of the school’s most popular girls, and the winner gets the coolest seat in the high school cafeteria. The girls have to avoid being caught by Julie’s (Alexa Vega) parents and the victims of their hunt while they complete wild tasks like sneaking into a nightclub and stealing a pair of boxers from the most popular boy in school.

The two groups are led by the essential Gen-Z teen actors, Aquamarine’s Sara Paxton and Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega. This over 16-year-old movie has a super exciting cast with actors such as Brie Larson (again), Jane Lynch, Steve Carrell, and Evan Peters making appearances. Not only is Sleepover the perfect accompaniment for an evening of mud masks and pedicures, but it’s also for the nostalgic ones who miss the easier days— when friendships were formed over silly bands and Furbies.