Are You The One? age rating: Is the reality show appropriate for kids?

On Netflix, Are You The One? continues to be a popular new title as more streamers tune into the longtime MTV fan-favorite. However, it might not be appropriate for all audiences to start binging. After all, it is a reality dating show that pushes hooking up with the other cast members. And everyone gets very, very personal for the sake of the game.

But there’s a little more to it than that.

What is Are You The One about?

In AYTO?, a group of singles who haven’t had the best luck when it comes to love in the past live together for 10 weeks with one goal in mind. The mission? Find true love. Or rather, find the “perfect match” the matchmaking experts and the love algorithm have selected for each contestant, based on a plethora of compatibility tests.

Ten lights (and in some seasons, 11) equal 10 perfect matches, the grand prize of $1 million, and of course, a potential budding relationship with the one. Couples confirmed to be a perfect match by the “Truth Booth” are sent on a honeymoon of sorts, relying solely on the remaining cast members to sort it out, make real connections, and win that money for the team. And it’s definitely not child’s play.

Is Are You The One? appropriate for kids?

AYTO? is rated TV-14. For those who’ve watched the series, this is likely not surprising. As noted by the IMDb Parental Guide, this reality series is meant for a slightly more mature audience for a plethora of reasons. It mostly gets this rating for moderate sexual content and frequent nudity, a moderate level of violence, and a good bit of profanity, most of which is censored.

However, even with the bigger and most frequently employed curse words bleeped out, it’s still pretty clear what contestants are saying for anyone old enough to guess.

Since the contestants are put together in a party situation of sorts, there’s also a notable amount of drinking and smoking, episode after episode. Once in a while, as the Parental Guide on IMDb notes, drunken fights escalate and minor altercations turn into potentially “frightening and intense” content for younger audiences.

Honestly, sometimes those Are You The One? meltdowns have what it takes to make all of us nervous, no matter how old we are.

Are You The One? is often considered one of the top reality hookup shows worthing tuning into. And if you’re old enough to watch this one, there’s no time like the present to binge seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.