Is Are You The One? scripted?

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Are You The One? season 6 - MTVPress /

Sometimes, a reality dating show is so entertaining (and drama filled) that it’s hard to believe what we’re watching is really happening. Case in point: Are You The One?. Binge session after binge session, fans of the MTV series have grown extra curious about what’s real on the show and what isn’t.

Many tuning in wonder if the cast members are manipulated by the producers, and horror of horrors–if the show is actually scripted. Considering the somewhat scripted or tweaked nature of many reality TV shows these days, it’s a fair question, really.

Still, we’d like to believe that all that super raw emotion on Are You The One? is as real as it always seems. But is it? Or is the road to true love on the show paved with a script? Let’s take a look and see what some real-life cast members had to say about the show’s authenticity, after the fact.

Is Are You The One? real or fake?

Apparently, this hit MTV show is not scripted. Reported in International Business Times, what you see is basically what you get, according to some of the show’s most recognizable faces.

Of the MTV show’s authenticity, Giovanni Rivera told IBT, “I have a lot of viewers asking me, ‘The show’s fake, right? It’s scripted.’ It’s nothing scripted. Nobody told me what to say. Nobody told me how to act.”

Rivera went on to say that his “only guidance” from the MTV production team was to “follow a specific schedule for filming” which seems pretty straightforward. The season 4 cast member claimed that other than locked-in scheduling,  he was free to be himself and “to make mistakes.” How refreshing.

And Rivera wasn’t the only one to vouch for the realness of Are You The One?. In the same IBT story, Prosper Mbongue-Muna claimed that all the contestants “really let their walls down,” adding that the show was “definitely real in that aspect.”

Of his season, he went on to say, “I feel like everybody’s really putting it out there, like raw emotions. You see the drama but you always do see the love connections with everyone.”

“There’s a lot of love going around,” the season 4 contestant added.

In the end, I guess there’s no way to know if everything on Are You The One? happened naturally or if once in a while, producers pulled more strings than anyone, on the show or watching, will ever know.

With that said, it’s comforting to know that if any of what we witnessed was definitely real, it was likely the cast members. And of course, their wholehearted quest to find their perfect match on a reality TV dating show.

Are You The One? seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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