Is Alice in Borderland season 2 happening?

Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix
Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix /

Will there be another season of Alice in Borderland?

One Netflix original subscribers can’t stop talking about that has garnered an incredibly impressive Rotten Tomatoes score is the pulse-pounding thrill ride, Alice in Borderland. The exhilarating Japanese TV show has a star-studded cast and enticing sci-fi story leaving many fans to wonder if there will be another Alice in Borderland season 2.

The show is based on the very popular Alice in Borderland manga series from Haro Aso. At the helm of the live-action adaptation is Shinsuke Sato, who is notoriously known for his work with Bleach, I Am Hero, Kingdom, and a Death Note mini-series. Bringing the series talented roster, including Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, arrived on the streaming service on Dec. 10, 2020, with eight action-packed episodes packed to the brim with stunning visuals.

What is Alice in Borderland about?

Alice in Borderland follows Ryōhei Arisu, a guy who has wasted his life having no goals or aspirations, and his two friends find themselves in an alternate version of Tokyo. Joining them in this ordeal is Usagi, who supports Arisu with her kindness and strength.

Together they will all try and survive the place they called Borderland. The only rule they must follow in order to accomplish this death-defying objective will be to win life-threatening games ranging from psychological ordeals to tactical team battles and everything one could imagine in between.

Is Alice in Borderland season 2 happening?

The manga the series is based on is made up of 18 volumes, and 87 chapters, which means plenty of source material is left to inspire further installments, leaving the door open if Netflix felt it worthy of making Alice in Borderland season 2. The fact that the international series has resonated well with subscribers everywhere and that there is possibly more story to tell, it would seem that there is still hope for a follow-up chapter.

Fortunately for fans, Netflix did not waste any time announcing another chapter of the Japanese show two weeks after it premiered. According to Variety, the streaming service has officially greenlit Alice in Borderland season 2. Netflix did not give any indication as to when the release date will be or what the time frame will be for production.

Is there a trailer for Alice in Borderland season 2?

There is no trailer for Alice in Borderland season 2, and it’s probably a good idea for fans to not expect one to arrive anytime soon. As soon as Netflix drops any kind of teaser, we will be sure to share it with everyone.

Stay tuned for information and updates on Alice in Borderland season 2, as well as everything Netflix has to offer.

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