What is Alice in Borderland about?

Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix
Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix /

What is Alice in Borderland?

“Think.” That’s how the first trailer of Alice in Borderland ends, with one of the characters desperately trying to ponder his way out of a challenging predicament in a survival game he finds himself thrust into. His life depends on it. Literally.

A card game, a parallel dimension, a tiger, a game master, someplace called “Beach” and lots of action await viewers in the new Netflix original series premiering on December 10.

Sound like a wild combination? Why, yes it does.

This fantasy, sci-fi, thriller most definitely looks like a wild combo based on the trailers and teasers too. We’ll look at all of them to get a better idea of what Alice in Borderland is about. But first, let’s look at its storyline and what it’s based on.

What is Alice in Borderland on Netflix about?

Here’s the description from Netflix:

"An aimless gamer and his two friends find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they’re forced to compete in a series of sadistic games to survive."

Will they? And will all of them make it back to the regular Tokyo where they came from?

Is Alice in Borderland based on a book?

Haro Aso wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series, Alice in Borderland, which the series is based on.

Alice in Borderland trailer

Buckle up and check out the official trailer. It’s a wild ride.

The next trailer contains many of the same scenes as the first, but it also explains a bit more how the game in Alice in Borderland is played.

For instance, a card’s suit determines the genre of each game. Clubs are a team battle. Diamonds are a battle of wits.  Hearts is a game of betrayal that messes with emotions. Spades test strength.

What about the value of each card? It represents the game’s difficulty, with higher numbers being more challenging.

Alice in Borderland starts streaming on Netflix on Dec.10.

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