Shanley from Are You The One?: Where is she now?

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Ever wonder what the contestants from Are You The One? season 1 are up to these days? We’re here with some answers, but first, let’s go over the premise.

As described by Distractify, this experimental reality series “utilizes a series of compatibility tests and questionnaires to secretly put young, unlucky-in-love singles together with their ‘perfect match.'” While living under one roof, the contestants devote their energies to figuring out what matches are meant to be, sometimes getting it wrong, but often getting it right.

For those who stick it out, identifying all matches and maybe even finding true love, there’s a pretty big pay-off at the end.

So let’s start with one of the most controversial cast members from the first-ever season, shall we?

Shanley from AYTO?

On the MTV series, Shanley McIntee’s journey to find her perfect match definitely did not go as expected. In the end, however, she did find love. It just wasn’t with the person that the matchmaking algorithm selected for her. What happened next was both highly controversial and all around a thrill to watch.

From the beginning, Shanley only had eyes for Chris Tolleson, declaring early on that they were definitely a perfect match no matter what anyone else had to say about it. Many had a lot to say about their drama-filled relationship, frequently winning them the title of “most controversial couple” of the season and in the house.

Skeptical from the start, the other cast members sent the smitten pair to the Truth Booth. Sadly, Shanley and Chris learned they were not a match, according to the tests, at least. In an unforgettable plot twist, the couple decided to stick it out anyway, leaving all of us to wonder how their relationship would inevitably play out once the cameras stopped rolling.

Are Shanley and Chris from AYTO? still together?

At some point soon after, the couple called it quits. As noted by Distractify, Shanley and Chris revealed where they stood after the show ended during the reunion special. Of their relationship, Chris admitted, “We were solid for a second, and then it became too much.”

Both Shanley and Chris agreed that they tried to make it work, but the work apparently outweighed the reward. Shanley explained, “We know why we’re not a perfect match. We’ve understood that, and I want everybody else to know, I’m a very physical person, and he’s a very vocal person. Distance does not work between two people like that.”

Shanley from Are You The One? now

All these years later, and Shanley has said that she doesn’t regret appearing on AYTO?, even if things didn’t turn out how she would’ve liked them to.

According to In Touch Weekly, Shanley is now “living her best life” with current boyfriend Cameron Porras. From the looks of it, she’s also quite the influencer on Instagram these days.

You can check out Shanley’s full account here if you’d like.

Ready to relive all of that first-time drama with Shanley on Are You The One? Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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