Are You The One? season 1 contestants: Where are they now?

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The explosive first two seasons of Are You The One? debuted on Netflix earlier this month, and many reality TV fans were quick to binge every episode in no time. Considering the first-ever season premiered on MTV back in 2014, we can only imagine a lot has changed for the group of contestants.

In season 1, every contestant fortunately found their perfect match, and the group ended up winning a collective $1 million. Not too shabby! On top of that, one couple from the season is actually still together. Here’s everyone from the first AYTO? group, along with what they’re up to these days.

Amber and Ethan from Are You The One? now

Amber Lee Diamond and Ethan Diamond are the only match still together, and they’re actually married with two kids! Check out an adorable Instagram post of them above.

Adam from Are You The One? now

Adam Kuhn is living in Austin, Texas, and and seems to be doing well. Surprisingly, he hasn’t shared a post on Instagram since 2019, however he’s still active via his Instagram Story. You can check out his page here.

Shanley from Are You The One? now

Shanley McIntee, on the other hand, is very active on Instagram. She’s gone through an epic style change since the first season of AYTO? aired, and she looks fantastic. She’s a certified influencer now, with 177,000 followers on the platform. You can check out her page here.

Chris S. from Are You The One? now

Chris Scali is killing it nowadays, living in Brooklyn, New York. He’s the founder and CEO of the WOMME app, and frequently shares photos riding his motorcycle and hanging with friends. You can see his Instagram page here.

Jacy from Are You The One? now

Jacy Rodriguez is an artist with her own Instagram page for her work. According to her bio, she’s part of a Women Empowerment Group, and she’s very active on social media. She frequently shares selfies and TikTok videos. You can see her page here.

Chris T. from Are You The One? now

Chris Tolleson surprisingly has a private Instagram profile, so we can’t do much stalking on him! According to In Touch Weekly, Chris has worked selling cars at a dealership. Other than that, it looks like he’s trying to stay out of the spotlight.

Paige from Are You The One? now

Paige Cole, who came out as bisexual on AYTO?, has been thriving since her days on MTV. As you can tell from her Instagram page, she’s a dancer, and she often shares videos of herself working the pole. She also shares selfies and posts about social justice. Check out her page here.

Dillan from Are You The One? now

Dillan Ostrom is apparently a comedian on Instagram nowadays! (Not a legitimate one, but he makes a lot of funny videos). The season 1 alum is an actor, according to his profile bio, and you can see him act out various scenes and scenarios on his page. To check out his account, where he currently has 15,500 followers, check the link here.

Coleysia from Are You The One? now

They might not have lasted past being AYTO? matches, but Dillan and Coleysia Chestnut seem to both be doing great in 2020. Coleysia is currently an author, writing the self-help book The Exhale Journal. She’s also the mom to an adorable baby boy. To check out her Instagram page, where she has 20,900 followers, click here.

Dre from Are You The One? now

Andrean McCoy (a.k.a. Dre) actually isn’t active on Instagram, and he’s pretty much missing in action from the spotlight nowadays. According to In Touch Weekly, last they heard he was acting in theater in Atlanta, Georgia.

Simone from Are You The One? now

Simone Kelly only went on to bigger and better things since her time on Are You The One?. If you head to her Instagram profile, you’ll see that she’s a talented singer, with her current track “Sexting” available via iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and wherever you find music. She’s got 29,700 followers on Instagram, and she’s certainly a star.

John from Are You The One? now

Similarly to Simone, John Jacobs is also a musician! The AYTO? alum has an album out called Still the One. Based on his Instagram page, which you can see here, John often performs stand-up comedy, and he seems to be just as fun-loving as he was on the MTV show.

Ashleigh from Are You The One? now

Ashleigh Feaster took on the world of entertainment after her stint on AYTO?, much like many of her former co-stars. The TV personality is an actress, and even had a part on Veronica Mars. According to her Instagram bio, she’s also a voice-over actress. How cool! To check out her page, which currently has 38,300 followers, check out the link here.

Joey from Are You The One? now

It doesn’t look like Joey Dillon from season 1 is on Instagram, but he is on Twitter! Nowadays, the former MTV star seems to be an entrepreneur, and in January of this year he announced the launch of The Green Life Campaign, which is aimed to help homeless veterans.

Brittany from Are You The One? now

In 2020, Brittany Baldassari is killing the game. According to her Instagram profile, the former contestant is the executive producer and host of a lifestyle and sports podcast called The BosBabes Sports. She’s also in the influencer game, and posts sponsored content on her page. Check out her Instagram, where she has 49,500 followers, here.

Ryan from Are You The One? now

Per Ryan Malaty’s Instagram page, this former reality star went on to become an actor after his time on AYTO?. He’s appeared in the shows Youthful Daze, My Dead Ex, and That One Time, along with the film My Wedding Year. You can look through his page, where he has 52,300 followers, here.

Jessica from Are You The One? now

Since leaving AYTO?, Jessica Perez Prongay has become a wife and mother! Check out her Instagram page to see adorable photos of her family, including her husband and two children. She’s also into fitness and shares exercise photos and videos to her feed.

Wes from Are You The One? now

Wes Buckles has come a long way since his stint on the MTV series. According to his Instagram page, he works in pharmaceuticals in Chicago. He’s also a mentor, per his bio, and he often shares videos of himself giving motivational talks.

Kayla from Are you The One? now

Kayla Lusby has since gotten married and goes by Kayla Bertucci now. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look like she’s active on social media, but we wish her the best in her life post-reality TV!

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Here’s to hoping more seasons of AYTO? will be added to Netflix in the near future!