10 best couples from The Office, ranked

THE OFFICE -- "Diwali" Episode 6 -- Aired 11/02/2006 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nancy Carell as Carol Stills and Steve Carell as Michael Scott -- Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank
THE OFFICE -- "Diwali" Episode 6 -- Aired 11/02/2006 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nancy Carell as Carol Stills and Steve Carell as Michael Scott -- Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank /

A ranking of the best couples from The Office

Sadly, The Office will be leaving Netflix at the end of 2020.  NBC has announced thatThe Office will be moving on the NBCU streaming service, Peacock. This gives fans one more chance to binge the series before it departs. This also gives us a great opportunity to look back at all of the fun the series has offered us.

Personally, I have watched this series in its entirety at least seven times, and because there are 201 episodes over the nine seasons, it’s easy to forget parts, like the number of couples this series has cranked out.

When researching this article, I forgot how awful some of the couples were. Like Michael and Helene, Pam’s mom! What a nightmare for her.

Remember that time Toby liked Nellie, mostly because she dressed up as him for Halloween?  Weird! Or the train wreck that was Michael and Jan and the toxic pairing of Roy and Pam?

Below, I ranked the top 10 couples from The Office. 

10. Ryan and Kelly

Was this ever really a relationship? I mean, Ryan was constantly on the prowl for something else. Even at the height of the relationship, Ryan was still going out and then coming to Kelly in the early morning hours for what we can all assume was just a booty call and place to sleep.

She always wanted Ryan more than he wanted her. Ryan was never a good boyfriend, which was evident in their constant on-again/off-again status.

In the very end, they rode off into the sunset together, but who knows, that may have only lasted until they got to the next town.

9. Gabe and Erin

Wow! Gabe was always a creepy and controlling force in Erin’s life. He was constantly forcing her to watch movies she didn’t want to and just being Gabe. He was never much of a likable person in the office and was always trying to do whatever it would take to garner attention from those above him.

Poor Erin eventually resorted to eating lunch in her car to avoid interacting with him. She did finally break up with him, and he was in complete shock and denial.

8. Andy and Angela

This was always a weird one. What was the draw for these two? The only reason Angela agreed to go out with him is that he gifted her a cat. It was a nightmare relationship that was one-sided, which was obvious after they became engaged. Andy did all the wedding planning, and Angela immediately took up with Dwight on the night they were engaged.

See below for the story of Angela’s true love.

7. Andy and Erin

This was such an awkward couple that took forever to finally become a couple. Andy and Erin seemed to be well suited with their awkwardness and goofy humor, but it just never felt quite right.

When Andy left for the Caribbean for three months without much contact with Erin, she was over the relationship and eventually dumped Andy.

6. Darryl and Val

I was always rooting for these two. They seemed well matched. Val didn’t seem too interested until Darryl stood up to her jerk of a boyfriend. I guess she liked a man who would stand up for her.

Darryl had bigger things to move on to, which involved a move to Philadelphia and then on to Austin.  It didn’t last long, but it was still better than Darryl and Kelly!!

5. Pete and Erin

Now, this is who Erin should be with. Pete is just an all-around good guy, and he genuinely liked Erin. They had some great common interests that drew them together and had enough diversity to keep the relationship interesting.

Erin’s upbringing as an orphan always kept her very cautious in finding someone to fall in love with. Since we saw them a year later at Dwight and Angela’s wedding, I like to think they stayed together, bought a house, and had beautiful babies together.

4. Micheal and Holly

This couple was made in paradise. The two quirkiest and best-matched people there could have ever been. Holly made Michael grow up some, and Michael let Holly be her true self. I was so glad these two reconnected and made a perfect match.

3. Bob Vance and Phyllis 

Talk about a power couple. Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration was the best match for Phyllis. She needed to be loved for who she was, and Bob had no problems with that. A couple more in love you would never find.

He treated her like the queen that she was, and they lived happily ever after.

2. Dwight and Angela

These two had the bumpiest rough start in coupledom. He was her one true love, and it took her forever to realize it. And whoever thought Dwight could settle for Ester? I mean, she’s a sweet gal but totally wrong for him.

These two are sticklers for the rules; they like structure and will be forever happy in their mutual weirdness.

1. Jim and Pam

Couple of the year? Decade? I think so. There are many conversations and arguments about why these two aren’t a good couple, but we will ignore all that negativity. Jim and Pam are just right for one another. It didn’t take them nine seasons to see what was right in front of them. Once they finally got on the same track, there was no stopping Team Halpert.

No matter how many other girls Jim dated, Pam was the only one for him. He always knew it but was afraid to trust it. It was a match that all fans knew would come eventually, and it was beautiful once it did.

Who are your favorite couple’s from The Office? Let us know in the comments below.

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