Why Marvel should save Daredevil and revive the show on Disney Plus

Marvel's Daredevil - Credit: Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil - Credit: Netflix /
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Marvel’s Daredevil – Credit: Netflix /

Will Marvel save Daredevil on Disney Plus or the MCU?

Daredevil is a favorite show of mine, and I was saddened to see it was canceled. Recently, the rights to the character transferred back to Marvel, and we’re hoping they revive the show on Disney Plus.

On April 10, 2015, my life was changed for the better. Daredevil season 1 was released, and I made sure to binge the entire season in one sitting. I wasn’t expecting much since most of the Marvel TV shows in the past had been so-so at best. But, I kept faith with the MCU being so successful. Turns out, keeping the faith was a great idea.

There are two main reasons why Daredevil made an impact on me. Finally, there was a TV show geared toward adults with violence and a real-world dilemma. The second was reviving the MCU TV universe from useless to something to be excited about. This also led to one of my favorite actors being cast as the Punisher, Jon Bernthal.

As excited I was for Daredevil, I was way more excited for season 2 of the show. Personally, a favorite scene in TV, in general, was when Frank Castle was pouring his heart out about his family at the graveyard to Matt Murdock. The balance between law and being a vigilante is a constant fight for Matthew.

That being said, here are two reasons why Marvel should revive the Daredevil on Disney Plus.