Why Marvel should save Daredevil and revive the show on Disney Plus

Marvel's Daredevil - Credit: Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil - Credit: Netflix /
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Save Daredevil
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Daredevil continues to push boundaries for comic book content

Up until this point, it was assumed the only way comic book content could be successful was in the movie sphere. In 2008, we saw the birth of the MCU with Iron Man hitting theaters and nearly bringing down the cinema world due to its popularity. The film focused on witty, character-driven narratives and used comedic aspects to tell stories about a billionaire playboy who inherited a weapons company. The blueprint for comic book movies was born.

Marvel wasn’t interested in making a rated-R movie seeing how the franchise’s success had always been in PG-13 films with good-hearted stories. Stories such as Captain America fighting Nazi’s in The First Avenger and Thor changing from an arrogant child to a humble man refusing the throne in Thor: The Dark World. Then, of course, the major part of the franchise, The Avengers. Marvel wanted to make movies geared for the whole family, not just adults.

Daredevil wasn’t a character that you could do that with. In the comics, he was violent, never waivered, and always used his power for the right reasons. The Ben Affleck movie wasn’t good, so fans rolled their eyes when a movie was discussed. But eventually, Marvel agreed with Netflix to bring three seasons to the table with one catch: a TV-MA show geared toward adults.

When Daredevil arrived, the fans went nuts. I remember the first thing I thought was, “finally, a show made for adults!” I appreciated that the showrunners treated me as an adult and provided me with a violent show from a violent character. Matt Murdock should be appreciated for what he is: a vigilante.

Daredevil set the precedent that you can make comic book content that was dramatic and violent at the same time while appreciating the sources as well. This show directly led to The Defenders and every other show part of that universe.