15 best anime on Netflix to kickstart your obsession

B: The Beginning - Credit: Netflix
B: The Beginning - Credit: Netflix /
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B the Beginning

This is another thriller anime that’s a little bit more out there with the storyline, and, in all transparency, has a little bit more on-screen blood. The mystery in this series is not as perfect as in Erased or The Promised Neverland, but the love story and mind puzzles are so unexpected and incredible, B the Beginning had to be included in our list of the best anime on Netflix.

As mysterious murders of known and unknown criminals begin to arise, the nation of Cremona calls in famous investigator Keith Kazama Flick to help crack the case. The serial murders are brutal, with the killer leaving behind no fingerprints, just a signature that looks like the letter “B” with three etches on the side. Keith is joined in the investigation by another brilliant member of the Cremona’s Royal Investigation Service, Lily Hoshina. Lily and her family are also housing a boy named Koku, who mostly keeps to himself and seems relatively uninteresting, until you see him leap across rooftops and suddenly grow black wings, flying off into the night.

As Keith and Lily spend their nights working hard to crack the case of the serial murder and his copy cats, Koku seems to have his own agenda, secretly shadowing Lily on her cases and meeting up with unusual characters that seem to have equally unusual power’s like Koku’s, all in an effort to find a mysterious “her.” It doesn’t take long for Koku’s and Keith’s missions to intersect, the mysteries tied together by Koku’s traumatic past, of which Keith may have hand in bringing about.

Does it sound convoluted and confusing? That’s because the surprising secrets that make up the backbone of B the Beginning‘s story begin to unravel in only the second episode. By the end of the season, what you thought the story would be completely shifted, so to give more cohesive details would only ruin the genius of the show. In short, this is a romance anime riddled with suspense and mystery and highlights the poisonous power of manipulation and holding a grudge. A second season of the show is slated to premiere in 2021.