15 best anime on Netflix to kickstart your obsession

B: The Beginning - Credit: Netflix
B: The Beginning - Credit: Netflix /
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Best Anime on Netflix: Cannon Busters

Based on the comic book series written by American LeSean Thomas, Cannon Busters is a12-episode, fantasy anime directed by both Thomas and Takahiro Natori. Cannon Busters is a stand-out in the anime industry not only because it was birthed out of the mind of an American, but also because it’s one of the few, if not the first, anime to feature a black female protagonist (save for Carole and Tuesday, which aired a month after Cannon Busters) and a majority of diverse characters and voice actors, a notable feature to highlight in our list of the best anime on Netflix.

Cannon Busters follows the adventures of a friendship robot named S.A.M. who is anxious to reunite with her best friend Prince Kelby, the heir to the Kingdom of Botica which is now under siege with Kelby missing. Joined by an out-dated but peppy grease-monkey repair robot named Casey Turnbuckle, S.A.M runs into Philly the Kid, a wanted fugitive with little morals to keep him tied down, but plagued by a curse. S.A.M., while aware of Philly’s Wanted Bounty, has no interest in collecting the money, just securing Philly’s help on her journey to find Prince Kelby.

The show in our list of best anime on Netflix has a bit of a Cowboy Beebop vibe, not only in reference to Philly’s hairstyle, but with the crew journeying in an oversized red Cadillac Eldorado that transforms into a battle-ready giant robot. But Cannon Busters has made a name for itself, paving the way for more diverse faces to make a staring appearance in anime.

The anime world has been a primarily light-skinned spotlighted corner of entertainment for many years but we’re starting to see a wider range of characters, with Cannon Busters as a catalyst, to tell fresh anime stories, or similar stories with fresh angles. On top of that, Cannon Busters has also helped open the door to American writers creating their own anime. It’s a groundbreaking movement.