5 Stranger Things spinoffs we need to see on Netflix

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3. Life Upside Down

Pitch: The Office meets Shaun of the Dead

A lot of Netflix subscribers have had a hard time moving on after some of their favorite lovable Stranger Things characters bit the dust in what many would say was way too early. Despite the anguish over the loss, the presence of Barb, Bob the Brain, and Dr. Alexei is heavily missed throughout the series by fans all over the world, and if there were a way to bring them back in a spinoff form, everyone would get behind it faster then the growth of the “Justice for Barb” movement.

There is a lot still unknown about the Upside Down, leaving many things open creatively for a Stranger Things spinoff creator to work with, including the idea that people who have ever visited the Upside Down end up living there after they die. This transition would be a difficult thing to undertake, so it would make sense that Bob, Barb, and Alexei would start up an office that provides people or creatures with everything they need to live a fulfilling and positive afterlife in the Upside Down. Together along with other employees including dead Russian spies, half-eaten Hawking electrical workers, and a talking Demogorgon could make up The Office meets Shaun of the Dead mockumentary-style dark comedy appropriately titled Life Upside Down.