5 Stranger Things spinoffs we need to see on Netflix

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2. Brenner’s 11: The Animated Series

Pitch: X-men: The Animated series meets Rick and Morty

Netflix subscribers have only been given random glimpses at Eleven’s past with Dr. Brenner, and there is a good chance he erased a lot of her memory along the way, making most of what happened before Stranger Things started a mystery to young Jane as well. But from what has been shown, it’s pretty clear that a lot more went down with the Upside Down, Russian spies, and super-powered children. For sure, fans know that there were at least eleven gifted individuals on Brenner’s squad, and after seeing number 8, Kali’s mind-bending ability its safe to assume each of them had something different to bring to the table, undoubtedly resulting in all kinds of exhilarating adventures in this dimensions and the Upside Down.

This Stranger Things spinoff would be done in the same vein of the classic X-Men: The Animated Series meets the edgy hyper-violent style seen in Rick and Morty. Brenner’s 11: The Animated Series would be a prequel animated series about the classified adventures of papa’s Eleven X-Men-like children as they take on threats from the Upside Down and Cold War Russian spies before the events of the first season of Stranger Things and could possibly answer some lingering questions surrounding Brenner’s experiments and the origins of eleven’s powers.