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Virginia: Rob Lowe inspiration

Virginia’s connection to Stranger Things has to do with Billy and his characterization. Billy is pretty much Rob Lowe’s character from St. Elmo’s Fire and since Rob Lowe is from Charlottesville, Virginia, there’s your connection.

Lowe’s character is even named Billy in the 1985 movie. Although, Lowe’s character doesn’t get infected with a Mind Flayer or try to murder people, he is a bit of a rebel and bad boy. When we first meet his Billy in the movie, he is in the hospital after getting in a car accident due to Billy’s drunk driving.

Billy in Stranger Things is younger than Lowe’s but he still clearly has an issue with driving and controlling himself. As we see in the show while he’s driving Max back from school, he has no problem putting his step-sister’s life in danger by speeding. Both Billys also both have quite a quick switch when it comes to their temper.

Beyond that, the two Billys also look quite similar. They have the mullet, shaggy hair thing going on and they both have an earring. The costume directors from the show even confirmed to E! News that Billy was inspired by Rob Lowe’s character cementing the theories made by fans into actual facts.