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Utah: Suzie

Stranger Things is connected to Utah through possibly one of the most divisive moments and characters in the entire series. Suzie, Dustin’s girlfriend, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He first met her at Camp Know Where.

Besides meeting Suzie, Dustin created three inventions while there: a miniature windmill called The Forever Clock, an automatic hammer called The Slammer, and a ham radio called Cerebro.

Dustin and Suzie’s relationship was put on hold when they left camp and went their separate ways, but they agreed to stay in contact with each other. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up working. Dustin tried to contact her through the ham radio, but he was unable to reach her.

When Dustin’s friends kept seeing Dustin’s failure to contact Suzie, they came to the conclusion that she didn’t actually exist. Many fans thought the same thing as well. But we were all proved wrong when at just the right moment, Suzie answered the radio call and then made Dustin sing the song from The NeverEnding Story.

It will be interesting to see if Suzie makes an appearance in season 4 or if Dustin and her have broken up between the season 3 finale and the season 4 premiere. Hopefully, we don’t have to deal with anymore singing.