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How Stranger Things connects to each state

Whether you are just a “sometimes” fan or it’s your complete obsession and you have a Tumblr page dedicated to it, it’s clear Stranger Things has taken over our culture. If you don’t look at Eggos a little differently since they showed up on the show, I don’t know what to tell you. They are forever an “Eleven” food.

But besides invading our culture and the frozen food aisle, Stranger Things has connections everywhere, even where you live. No matter what state you live in, we found some kind of connection, whether it’s big or small, to the Netflix series.

It could be an actor from the show being born in a state, a scene directly referencing something in a specific city or place, or a fact about one of the creators or writers, no matter what, something about Stranger Things leads us back to one of the states in the US.

Some of these fun facts require a bit of six degrees of Kevin Bacon while others are very obvious. Either way, please come along on this journey as we go to each state (or just skip to your state. I know how y’all work!)  and find out how they relate back to one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever, Stranger Things.

Alabama: Natalia Dyer stars in Tuscaloosa movie

What could Alabama have to do with a show that takes place in Indiana? You’d be surprised. First, the on-set dresser for the show, Craig Johnson, is from Decatur, Alabama. Part of his job is taking pictures of the outfits every character is wearing and last year, he took over 15,000. And that was with his smartphone!

So if there was a memorable outfit from the first couple of seasons or a piece you wish you had, chances are, at some point, a picture of it was hanging out on his phone.

But that’s not the only connection the show has to Alabama. Natalie Dyer also has a loose connection to the state. Her 2019 film, Tuscaloosa is set in Alabama.

The film also starred Tate Donovan and Devon Bostick and followed a 22-year-old young man whose plans to enter high society dramatically change when he falls in love with a woman with multiple personalities at his father’s mental institution.

Don’t you hate when that happens? You’re visiting your rich father at his questionably ethical job and you just fall in love with a patient? This premise sounds very worrying, but if they do it right, it might totally work.

While the connection isn’t as strong as others, there is still a connection between The Cotton State and Stranger Things.