Stranger Things: Remembering Barbara Holland

Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

We remember Barb, Stranger Things legend

It’s Stranger Things Week at Netflix Life, and we’re dedicating Tuesday, Nov. 3, to Barb.

It’s the story that we will never hear the end of. The story that the Duffer Brothers will never be able to live down. It’s the story of the death of Barbara Holland.

Barbara Holland, better known to the Stranger Things universe as Barb, lived a short but impactful life in the Stranger Things universe. More impactful than anybody could’ve thought of. Especially the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer.

We first met Barb in episode one of season 1, walking down the hallway of Hawkins High School, talking to her best friend Nancy about Steve. One of the first things that Barb mentions to Nancy is that no matter what this fling is between her and Steve, don’t forget about her.

Boy, how those words would come back to haunt Nancy.

In episode 2, Barb joins Nancy as they make their way to Steve’s house for a little get together. Before going inside, Barb tells Nancy that Steve was only after one thing. Trying to look out for her friend, Barb agreed to still go inside with Nancy.

Once inside, Barb tried to fit in by shotgunning a beer like the rest of the people there and ended up cutting herself. Once she was ready to leave, she caught Nancy going upstairs with Steve to his room. She tried to tell Nancy it was a bad idea but Nancy insisted she was fine and told Barb to head on home.

Cleary upset and still worried about Nancy, Barb stayed at Steve’s but decided to sit on the diving board of the pool. Her hand was still bleeding and blood ended up dripping into the pool.

We all know what happens next. The Demogorgon rose from the pool and dragged Barb to the Upside Down where she eventually died.

Obviously, throughout the rest of the season and season 2, Nancy carried the weight of Barb’s death on her shoulders because she did exactly what Barb told her not to do. She kinda forgot about her and chose Steve over her which left her alone and ultimately leading to her death.

Give Nancy some credit though, she worked hard to make sure that the truth about what happened to Barb was brought to light in season two.

Even though Barb was only a part of this series for two episodes, she left a huge imprint on Stranger Things. She was the sweet, innocent nice girl that ended up getting murdered in the Upside Down.

Still, until this day people talk about her and her death. Justice for Barb, is what we still see floating around the internet.

As a huge fan of the series, I still find myself saying “not Barb.” Although I and many others feel this way, I understand why the Duffer brothers made the decision to kill her off. They knew it would have an impact. Maybe not the impact that it turned into but they knew her death would hit fans in the heart.

At the end of the day, no matter how many seasons pass, we will always remember the bright, caring, and down to earth person that Barbara Holland was. She will forever be a Stranger Things Legend.

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